Jun 302013
shut up, emo kid

It is a relief to weep; grief is satisfied and carried off by tears. ~Ovid STFU, Ovid. I have no tolerance for poets… certainly not a Roman one who was penning bumper sticker platitudes two-thousand years before bumpers were even invented. The idea of ‘having a good cry’ is romantic because it’s something we can do without actually doing anything. It requires very little effort. For that reason, it’s unlikely to provide much in the way of returns. Sound robotic? Yeah. I guess it does. So does this: “Crying can best be defined as a complex secretomotor response that has … [read more]

Jun 282013
the tears won't come (despite my efforts)

The undertoad is still around, but he’s less threatening now that some unpleasant anniversaries and deadlines have passed. They’re behind me, but they certainly left their mark. June kicked my ass. I’m still waiting on the fallout. I have no idea whether I’m absolutely fine or I’m on the verge of a (minor) emotional breakdown. It could go either way. In the past month, I’ve found myself near tears a couple of times for various reasons — physical, mental, personal, and professional. That’s a strange state for me, as I don’t cry easily or often. What’s even weirder is that … [read more]

Jun 232013
would I go back to vanilla?

In response to “maybe,” where I revealed that J may be leaving soon, Tinkerbell asked: Sorry if this is an inappropriate question… If someday it happens that he leaves, do you see yourself ever going back to a vanilla relationship? It’s not inappropriate — it’s a question I’ve asked myself. The short answer is yes. Yes, I could see myself being in a vanilla relationship after J. I could also see myself in a vanilla relationship with kinky sex, or a full-on D/s arrangement (with kinky sex, of course! Oh… I hope there’s kinky sex…). Maybe I’m delusional, but I … [read more]

Jun 212013
subscription notes and changes

Update: LifeHacker recommends the ‘best Google Reader alternatives.’ So far, it looks like Feedly is the most popular — it’s what I’m using now (it seems closest to Google Reader and I’m a creature of habit… I don’t like new things!). Importing my feeds from Google Reader into Feedly was quick and painless — it only took one click! Do You Subscribe? As you’ve probably already heard, Google is retiring their Google Reader service on July 1, 2013. If you haven’t already, now is a good time to subscribe to your favorite blogs through another service. According to my stats, … [read more]

Jun 192013
analingus to cunnilingus: health issues and TMI

Once again, my ass is popular… or at least, discussions of my ass… or asses in general. So now you know why shaving my asshole was an issue, right? In some very thoughtful responses to my post on how I came to love ‘ass worship‘, quite a few commenters suggested they understood what I meant by ‘mind games.’ That idea has always been interesting to me (the navel-gazer that I am), and I was surprised at the showing of understanding, agreement, and support. I’m flipping the idea over in my brain and plan to write on it soon. But for … [read more]