Apr 032013

dominant woman throws light on sub male
He is cold-blooded. He requires warmth to come into existence.

I am sunlight who does not understand her purpose.

In the absence of depth perception, stumbling on aura, I scatter light and wait for its reflection. I can’t see around corners, so instead, I chase shadows of my own creation.

He catches light and sends it back. He is mimetic, and I am the medium to which he rises.

He reflects. I’m reminded.

We’re at the mercy of the clouds.


  6 Responses to “mimesis”

  1. I like this!… A *LOT*

  2. It seems we’re always at something’s mercy. Loved this.

    • Yes, but… but… I don’t want to be subject to anything! I want all the things to be subject to me… is that so much to ask? Yeah? Ok. :)

  3. Such beauty but pain but more beauty and rawness, It is beautiful but I hope that your okay


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