Apr 292013
blue-eyes-blue-flame-sm-3com·bus·tion, n.,

  1. the act or process of burning
  2. a process in which a substance reacts with another to give heat and light
  3. state of violent excitement; tumult

The particular properties of a substance dictate the frequencies at which it absorbs and emits light, ultimately determining the flame’s temperature and color during combustion.

As a result of more complete combustion, the flame burns at a higher temperature and purges excess impurities. The reaction creates enough energy to excite molecular radicals which eventually become dominant.

As impurities burn off, the flame flickers less, stabilizes, and changes smoothly from yellow to blue.


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  1. For whatever reason I did not see this hit your twitter as having been posted. I like this and the relation you made to it. I love the picture as well.


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