Apr 062013

strawberry waffle with whipped creamAs I made breakfast this morning, I realized what I was making was oddly representative of sex and play the night before. Thinking back, what I prepare is often (and unintentionally) symbolic of my physical and emotional satisfaction (or frustration), the types of play we engaged in, and my attitude about all of it.

This morning, I made vanilla bean waffles with strawberries and fresh whipped cream.

Last night’s activities were anything but “vanilla,” but they were incredibly sweet, familiar, and comforting, while at the same time, indulgent and deeply satisfying.

Apparently, breakfast is symbolic.


  6 Responses to “the morning after: sweet, indulgent, and deeply satisfying”

  1. Those look delicious.

    Are those the actual waffles you made?

    Either way I’m tempted to make waffles too

  2. yum.

  3. looks delicious and I am glad you had a good night


  4. Judging by the look of those waffles, it must have been a great night!

  5. But I really like lots of sausages for breakfast…

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