Mar 042013

It’s not any one specific act. It’s not a singular expression of dominance, nor the receipt of a particular act of submission. It’s not just a feeling — it’s more than confidence, dominance, or control. It’s more than love, or want, or possession.

It’s not a way of thinking, but of being.

It’s an embodiment that blocks out all other thoughts and feelings. It’s a state more than the sum of its component parts.

It’s the taste of copper on my tongue.

It’s the memory of the first time I broke his skin and realized I wasn’t playing anymore. It’s the memory of his face the first time he understood it was no longer a game.

It’s the sight of a marked man on his knees and wanting nothing more than to hold him up.

It’s the scent of sex and heat in the air so thick I find it hard to breathe. It scorches the air and burns my throat and reminds me I’m still hungry.

It’s simultaneous craving and satisfaction, both more than I’ve ever known.

It’s singular, focused, and all consuming, even as it consumes.

It eclipses all other thoughts.

It’s wanting so much that it brings me comfort to remember I’m a good person… because if I wasn’t, I’d rip him into pieces, unhinge my jaw, and swallow as much of him as I could manage.


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  10 Responses to “what does dominance feel like?”

  1. This is really striking. And I have to say, as much as I love my fellow subs, it’s incredibly refreshing to get a glimpse at life from a domme’s point of view. Beautiful piece.

    • Thank you, Harper. And yes! It is fascinating to read about things from the other side of the slash, which is perhaps why I enjoy reading work from submissives’ points of view. :)

  2. The Force is strong in you.

  3. It’s a state of being that I find difficult to describe. But you did it, perfectly.

  4. I loved the image I got of you unhinging your jaw and devouring your mate, very reminiscent of mythology. I’m curious why it’s the taste of copper in your mouth, not sure I understand the analogy.

  5. Very Primal!

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