Mar 222013

Come to me with conviction. I can’t bear the space between us when you’re within my reach. If you hesitate, I’ll make up the distance quick and unburden you of the privilege.

Wrap your arms around me. Make me forget that I prefer you stripped and bound.

Brush your lips along my collarbone and distract me well enough to lose myself. Don’t give me time to think, just kiss me — soft and sweet and gentle first. Make me forget my want and remind me that I’m wanted.

Touch me. Everywhere. Nowhere in particular.

Do it now, before I reconsider. You only have a moment. Take it.

Convince me.

Make me believe you want me even half as much as I want you.


  4 Responses to “make me”

  1. “I should have been a pair of ragged claws
    Scuttling across the floors of silent seas.”

    [that was selfish of me, i know. but also Tribute. an old man’s high five (pun intended). You do good work.]

    • @Uxorious: You can’t just leave that line there without further explanation! I’ll break my brain trying to figure out which interpretation you allude to…. or are you alluding to Eliot’s (possible) allusion?

      Regret? Separation of self? Loneliness? Futility?

      It’s got to be separation of self, right?

      (See, my brain is already breaking!)

  2. That is truly lovely and moving. Take it before I can’t let you… Beautiful post!

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