Feb 042013

After being on hiatus and changing ownership, I was very happy to hear that Molly (of Molly’s Daily Kiss) is now running e[lust] — I’m excited to see what changes she has in store! Since e[lust] was on hiatus for a while, we’re allowed to chose one post from the past few months to submit for Molly’s inaugural e[lust] digest.

Below are my favorites in each category — help me choose which one to submit. Vote below!

Which post should I submit for February’s e[lust]?

(kink & fetish)
what people are sayingwhat people are saying
(news, interviews, humor)
“under consideration”
(thoughts & advice)

  • (62%) cocksucking: My head spun with want to make him take it, to fuck his face, to fuck his head into the wall until it hurt...
  • (12%) what people are saying: Thanks for destroying my naive bliss. I'd never heard of 'meat curtains' till you just posted it...
  • (26%) "under consideration": The language "under consideration" doesn't account for a submissive's agency, and reinforces dangerous notions about D/s...

Thank you. :)

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  2 Responses to “cocksucking, consideration, capitalist whores”

  1. A tough choice, but I think you should submit the cocksucking one. It’s a great post, and judging from the vote count, the majority of readers feel the same way. Of course, any post with “ruthless capitalist stripper whore” in it, is a very close second.

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