Feb 262013
pussy pride and labia shame

Tracy Clark-Flory’s Salon piece, “The ‘Labia Pride’ Movement,” seems to have garnered some attention. Ok, I don’t really know how much attention it’s received relative to any other Salon article, but it caught my attention. I can’t help it. I have pussy on the brain. And so, I might as well throw my labia into the ring. (I suggest you duck and cover if you know what’s good for you… the size of my labia is matched only by the shame that accompanies them.) Here’s the truth: I do not love my labia, I do not have pussy pride, I … [read more]

Feb 232013
everyday D/s

The weather here is lovely in February — it’s in the mid 70’s during the day and it’s nearly always sunny. It’s perfect weather for one of my favorite weekend rituals — a lazy morning in bed, followed by a late breakfast on the water and a trip to the farmers’ market to pick up fresh fruits and vegetables for the rest of our weekend meals. The farmers’ market is about a mile from the beach where the breeze is stronger and the sun shines brighter. Tables are piled high with brightly colored fruits and vegetables and people sell fresh … [read more]

Feb 202013
revisiting the damsel in distress

As a free-standing piece of writing, “damsel in distress” is cryptic at best, and at worst, it’s unintentionally misogynistic. I didn’t intend to be cryptic, nor did I intend to be misogynistic. I didn’t intend to elicit criticism either, but still, I was surprised it didn’t garner more than it did. In hindsight, it might deserve more than it received. I suspect the lack of criticism is because I’ve developed a readership that understands the various purposes this blog serves for me. Sometimes it’s a soapbox, sometimes it’s a journal, and sometimes it’s just a place to put the thoughts … [read more]

Feb 162013

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Feb 162013

A few minutes after midnight on the first day of the month, J emailed. Ma’am, I am pretty sure that as of tonight, February 1st, we have been seeing each other for two years [. . .] I had forgotten, but he remembered. Two years ago, some time in February, we happened. (What followed was the sweetest love letter I’ve ever received, not just for what it says, but for the way it reflects what I value about our relationship.) It’s not important to me to remember when we first kissed or when we last kissed. What is important to … [read more]