Dec 272012

The day after, I typically gauge how good a party was by what I find in the Roombas.



So far, I’ve collected bottle caps, candy, a guitar pick,
an earring, wrapping paper, ribbon, a screw, and a felt moose.

Is anyone missing a felt moose?


  2 Responses to “post-party Roomba report”

  1. How my felt moose got stuck in your Roomba, I have no idea. The last time I saw him, (it *is* a “him”) he was snuggled up in my sock drawer, next to the pint of Canadian Mist I keep there. (for medicinal purposes only)

    In any case, as he apparently no longer wants to live here, so you can keep him. Just don’t share your liquor with him. He’s a nasty drunk.

    • @slapshot: See, there’s the problem. Never store a Canadian Moose next to Canadian Mist. Nine times out of ten, the moose will try to walk into the mist, (…if ya know what I mean). In this particular instance, I guess he went through the “mist,” stumbled right out of your sock drawer and made it to my place.

      He’s got a wicked hangover, and he’s a bit dusty from spending the night under some wrapping paper in the vacuum cleaner dustbin, but he’s no worse for the wear. I’ll take good care of him for you until he can stumble back to your sock drawer.

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