Dec 052012

Sadly, Lilly announced this edition of e[lust] will be the last. My thanks to her for keeping e[lust] up and running so well for so long — it gave bloggers the opportunity to share their writing and gave readers the chance to learn about new blogs they might not have otherwise found.

I’m proud to have had a spot in the e[lust] “Top 3” three months in a row for “marionette,” “dinner party entertainment,” and “good girl.” Of course, you probably already know that I enjoy being on top. ;)

This month, I used up all my pent-up sexual frustration and most of my intelligence on real life — there wasn’t much left for the blog (besides a pile of crazy and a sting operation to catch my sneaky sub).

What I did have left over for the blog is a little bit of wit and cleverness (at least, that’s what I’d like to believe). For the final edition of e[lust], I’m going to submit in the “humor” category, and I’d like you to help me pick the post.

femdom-teaBDSM Lexicon: Protocol Dinosaurs and DildosDinosaurs and Dildos Different Kind of SceneDifferent Kind of Scene

Which post should I submit?

  • (19%) BDSM Lexicon Entry, "Protocol": For example, Gorean protocol is a bunch of bat-shit crazy rules based on a fuck ton of bat-shit crazy novels...
  • (6%) Dinosaurs and Dildos: Sometimes I have no fucking idea where sex toy retailers come up with the names for their toys...
  • (75%) Different Kind of Scene: What if I want you to do X to me? ;) Pretty please? Just kidding! But seriously, will you do X to me?...

Thank you. :)

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  2 Responses to “the last of the lust”

  1. I loved the “Different Kind of Scene” post. It just works on so many levels, and not just in a D/s sense either.

    I can find myself caught up in that type of communication on any given day, and it’s a great reminder of why I never bring a gun to work.

    • @slapshot: I hadn’t thought of it that way, but you’re right. It happens as much in vanilla contexts as it does any other. Sad, but true.

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