Nov 272012

Hello there, J.

Yes. You.

I know you’re there. I know you’ve been reading here for about a month.

I was thinking… perhaps we should talk about it? Or, if you’d like, we can just keep pretending — I can go on pretending that I’m not writing a blog, and you can keep pretending you’re not reading.

Let me know what you decide.

Love you. :)

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  1. *laugh* Love this!!

    Hello J! *waves a cheery hello and resists saying embarrassing things which would be hellishly funny…*


  2. WIN!

    Not so much about the “ohshit” you must have felt briefly, I imagine, but the response to it. Like we expected anything less from you, of course!

    Oh, and hello J! I’ve heard so much about you!


  3. OOOoooh! Exciting, it’s like a plot twist in a 21st century soap opera.

  4. *waves cheerfully* Hello, J!

    And D…a month? Evil. ;)

    • @DomDomme: No, there wasn’t a lot of evil intent, I just didn’t know how I wanted to address it. I considered posting something really wacky (along the lines of “I’ve decided to move to France to pursue my dream of herding sheep and making cheese! I’m leaving tomorrow!”). But honestly, I just couldn’t decide what to do. So… now there’s this. :)

  5. The last line, “Love you,” does a lot to change the tone of this, I think in a good way.

    • @Neo: I’m not pissed or anything. I’m surprised he didn’t mention it, but I’m not upset. I don’t think he’s upset by it either. I don’t think he would have kept quiet about it for a month (or more) if he were really angry.

      And I do love him. :)

      Honestly, there’s two ways to look at this. 1) He’s been caught reading my blog (which he didn’t know existed), or 2) I’ve been caught writing about our relationship for a year and a half and not telling him about it!

      Ha! We’ve both been caught red-handed! But my guess is that he’ll be the one red-faced. ;)

  6. This one’s just adorable!

    Hello J! *waves like an incompetent 3 year old fan girl*

    I don’t think he’ll get upset by anything that you write. You love him even without saying in your writings. Plus, you talk about him wonderfully. I bet his heart’s pounding every time he reads something that’s about him!

    • @Agatha: “I don’t think he’ll get upset by anything that you write.”

      I don’t think he will be upset either (at least I hope not!). I do think he’ll be surprised (or he was surprised) by the way I wrote about some things, but there’s not much on here he doesn’t already know.

      “I bet his heart’s pounding every time he reads something that’s about him!”

      I hope so! It seems silly, but I’m so invested in what I write here on the blog… not just the feelings and situations I discuss, but the words I use to represent it all. I fancy myself a fairly good writer (at times), and I’m actually a little nervous about what he thinks of my writing.

      I guess I’ll have to wait a little longer… he hasn’t checked it yet today (at least not that I can tell).

      I’m so impatient!

  7. HI J!!! *waves like a crazy person*

    Don’t be so shy! We all love you :D

  8. This is so charming that I might squee in a distinctly undomlike manner.

    Oh, hey there J! Come over to the blog side. We have cookies.

  9. I love you too Ma’am. :)

  10. I’ve been tense about this happening ever since I read that J didn’t know. I’m glad it seems to have worked out okay. :-)

    • @anon: I’m actually quite touched to know that people were a bit concerned for us. It means a lot to me! Thank you. :)

      “I’ve been tense about this happening ever since I read that J didn’t know.”

      Me too! I had gone back and forth in my thinking on it. Sometimes it made me very nervous, and other times, I didn’t think it would be a big deal at all. I also wavered in my thinking on whether I would tell him or not. I couldn’t seem to make up my mind and I’m very relieved that now I don’t have to!

  11. How sweet is this? Damn sweet.

    • @MsNaydi: Yes! Now that it’s all over, I think it’s pretty damn sweet too. Of course, I wouldn’t have thought so if it had ended differently, but luckily, it all worked out just fine. :)


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