Nov 262012

Sometimes I have no fucking idea where sex toy retailers come up with the names for their toys…

Wing Fling Clit Pump
Anal Antagonizer
Pipedream Anal Set
Forbidden (de)Flower
Anal Slider
Nasty Bullet Balls
Flip Hole
Falcon Manrammer…

But this one? I get it. It’s the Tantus Raptor.

tanus dildo raptor


*I don’t have a Raptor, I don’t do sex toy reviews, and I have no affiliation with Tantus. Trust me, they wouldn’t want it.

  15 Responses to “dinosaurs and dildos”

  1. The evolution of vibrators and names…love it! :)

  2. Yeah, I read “anal antagonizer” and my asshole tightened and said “NU-UH.”

    • @Bilikesscifi: “my asshole tightened and said ‘NU-UH.'”

      That’s what that sound was… I could hear your asshole snap shut all the way over here!



    The cock I use in my harness all the time is a Tantus Vamp. It’s sparkly!

  4. Have you seen the T-Rex? It’s for a “larger than life” experience. *snort*

  5. You should check out the Oberbama video. A guy finds a dildo with Barack Obama’s head that literally falls from the heavens and then becomes the certain of a spiritual journey. It’s an interesting video, and the funny thing to me is that this dildo actually exists…

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