Oct 062012

Finally… a weekend together.

J is out running an errand, so I want to put this down before I forget.

One of the silver linings of being in a sort of driving distance relationship is that every minute we spend together matters. There’s no wasting time or putting things off. There’s no waiting until tomorrow to say what’s on your mind because we don’t always have tomorrow. There’s very little opportunity to take each other for granted because we don’t have the luxury of time in which to do so. Every moment is valuable and important and we treat them as such.

I need to remember this.

Sometimes it’s hard to hold onto when those same things that make being together so fucking incredible make being apart so difficult. Because time apart dulls this feeling and allows us to forget how lucky we are–it makes us complacent.

I don’t want to be complacent and I don’t want to let myself forget. What we have is a really good thing and I’m so lucky to have him. He makes me happy. I need to hold onto that when he’s out of reach and I’m sad and lonely and angry.

The time together is worth too much to jeopardize in the time we are apart.

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  1. Now there’s some healthy thinking, dearest D. As a champion of two simultaneous long-distance relationships (we can battle it out in a cage match to see who gets the tiara) remembering this was crucial for the weeks that we were apart. Despite your occasional sadness and loneliness, it sounds like you and J have a really nice relationship. I’m so happy that you have this time together. xoxo

    • Thanks, Heather.

      I can’t imagine dealing with two simultaneous relationships. As infrequently as it happens, one relationship causes me about as much heartbreak and butt-hurt as I can handle. :)

  2. Yay, a weekend together! Yay, appreciating each other!

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