Oct 282012

After a weekend of really brilliant sex, it’s time to tally up the injuries: at least ten bruises, broken skin, a wicked goose egg, and lots of soreness.

Unfortunately, all of those injuries are mine.

J got off pretty easy (ha!), but I have quite a few bumps and bruises to show for my efforts.

naked bdsm twister game sheetsPart of the reason is J’s size–he’s almost a foot taller than I am, with longer limbs, more weight, and more strength. It’s not easy to restrain him–he doesn’t fight me, but his long limbs can be unwieldy. He’ll move to touch me while I’m working on one of his ankles, and if I don’t want to be bothered, I’ll try to pin his wrist with my foot. Depending on my position and his arrangement, that can be a hell of a stretch for me. It’s like playing Twister, only instead of a mat with multicolored spots, I’m awkwardly trying to span distances between J’s wrists and ankles.

Today, my butt and thighs are sore from pegging. His legs are so much longer than mine that even on his hands and knees, reaching his ass with my cock is difficult. It requires a combination squat-thrust-yoga-pose, Jedi mind-trick, and levitation.

In addition to the difficulty in working with his size, I’m just not all that graceful. At some point over the weekend, I bloodied my foot by accidentally kicking one of the bed casters while adjusting his restraints. Besides that, I have a considerable bump on the back of my head from whacking it against the nightstand mid-orgasm. My legs are covered with angry purple bruises of indeterminate origin. They aren’t J’s fault, I just bruise really easily. (from time to time, my iron drops and I get really anemic, which means I bruise if someone hugs me too hard)

The bump and the soreness will be gone by tomorrow, but the bruises take a long time to fade.

I’m the sadist, but I’ll have to avoid short skirts for a while in order to hide my marks. The irony is not lost on me.


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  1. So are you responsible for your own aftercare? ;-)

  2. I’m tickled pink by this. I certainly hope J is taking good care of you.

    • @Peroxide: Uh huh. I see how it is… you are tickled by my pain? Masochist! ;)

      Unfortunately, J left this morning, so I am left to apply my own band-aid, fetch my own ibuprofen, and gawk at my own ugly bruises.

      Next time, I’ll wear a corset made of bubble-wrap.

  3. You should make a testimonial for your insurance company.

    • @Axe: That’s not a bad idea. If I did, perhaps we could get rid of that annoying Aflac duck and replace it with something a little more edgy.

      So, instead of this:
      aflac logo

      We could have this:
      bdsm duck

  4. Did nobody else notice how you slipped in the casual orgasm reference?!!

    This is the second time. Obviously it implies that you are orgasming all over the place willy nilly with nary a care for updating your readers on the orgasm project!!

    This is unacceptable behaviour!!


    • @Ferns: You’re absolutely right. During and after orgasm, updating my blog was about the last thing on my mind. :)

      And yes, I am having orgasms! But I wouldn’t say they’re “willy or nilly” so much as “hither and thither.” :)

  5. Glad to hear you’re having orgasms! *throws confetti*

    I have a feeling once I’m in a relationship, no matter my power position, this will be me. I fell down the stairs and bruised my arm from the railing yesterday. And tripped over my own foot on flat carpet. I’m a klutz during normal situations. Add in sex? Yup, I’ll be your mirror here. :P

    • @Britt:

      Orgasms, yay! Confetti, yay! Orgasm confetti… ew. :)

      Yeah. On occasion, I can be slick and graceful and effortless, but that’s pretty rare. Also, when I actually try to be graceful–when I think about it–it’s usually much worse. I’m typically a danger to myself and others, and not in the good way.

      Oh well. Perhaps I’ll be graceful in the next life… but probably not. :)

  6. So, you definitely couldn’t call it casual sex. It was more like casualty sex. I glad you both lived through it and with the added bonus of an orgasm, I’d call it a win.

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