Oct 212012

A round-up of a few reader Qs and corresponding As.

Q: “Do you answer peoples questions here?”

A. Of course not! That would be silly.

Q: “cane, switch, or paddle?”

A. Pepper spray.

“Where are your piercings?”

A: Through the skin, mostly.

“Did you meet up with the girl sub again?”

A: Yes.


A: Often.

Q: if Im nauty will you punish me?

A: Are you asking if I’ll punish you for things like incorrect spelling? Of course I will… as long as ignoring you counts as a punishment.

Q: Is it ok for a Female dom to ask a submissive to marry her

A: Of course it’s okay! If you want to ask, go ahead and ask! The worst your partner can say is “no.” (Okay, I imagine that sort of worst case scenario would be pretty fucking awful… but still…) Your gender, sexuality, or role in a dynamic shouldn’t influence your decision to ask your partner for something you want.

Heck, I’d consider asking someone to marry me if I had any desire to get married… but I don’t. I’m into bondage, but not that kind of bondage.  ;)

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