Oct 302012

With parted lips and a hungry mouth, he tasted my wetness and my wanting. I gave only momentary protest before I let him drown between my thighs. He lapped and lavished first, then found his rhythm and his pace. The rhythm wasn’t mine, but in that state, I’m too easily convinced his cadence is my own.… [read more]

Oct 282012
bumps, bruises, and other sex injuries

After a weekend of really brilliant sex, it’s time to tally up the injuries: at least ten bruises, broken skin, a wicked goose egg, and lots of soreness. Unfortunately, all of those injuries are mine. J got off pretty easy (ha!), but I have quite a few bumps and bruises to show for my efforts. Part of the reason is J’s size–he’s almost a foot taller than I am, with longer limbs, more weight, and more strength. It’s not easy to restrain him–he doesn’t fight me, but his long limbs can be unwieldy. He’ll move to touch me while I’m … [read more]

Oct 262012

self-centered: absorbed, consumed, or engrossed in self; centered in one’s self selfish: seeking one’s own advantage or pleasure; prioritizing self over others There’s a difference, and I’m coming to understand that being self-centeredness isn’t nearly as fulfilling as being selfish. My particular brand of self-centeredness is self-conscious and pretentious–it’s all about how others perceive me. It’s about wanting others to think highly of me. In some regards, it’s more about pleasing others than it is about pleasing myself. In practice, my self-centeredness plays out fairly well for my partners. I want to be perceived well, so I behave in ways … [read more]

Oct 232012

While it’s not something I’m into, I have no problem with exhibitionism, per se, nor do I have any problem with public nudity, public play, or public sex, as long as it’s safe and consensual. What I do have a problem with are exhibitionists who engage in exhibitionism without the consent of other people who may be involved. Exhibitionists are sexually excited by being seen or by the risk of being seen. To get that sexual excitement, exhibitionists have to put themselves in situations where they might be caught (or will be caught) by other people. When consent isn’t asked … [read more]

Oct 212012
Ask-a-Domme: paddles, piercings, punishments

A round-up of a few reader Qs and corresponding As. Q: “Do you answer peoples questions here?” A. Of course not! That would be silly. Q: “cane, switch, or paddle?” A. Pepper spray. Q: “Where are your piercings?” A: Through the skin, mostly. Q: “Did you meet up with the girl sub again?” A: Yes. Q: “jealous” A: Often. Q: “if Im nauty will you punish me?“ A: Are you asking if I’ll punish you for things like incorrect spelling? Of course I will… as long as ignoring you counts as a punishment. Q: “Is it ok for a Female … [read more]