Sep 172012

I wasn’t kidding about the 404 error message. I really did make a custom 404 message, and I really did want to throw my laptop across the room when I accidentally pulled down the whole fucking website and was not-so-cheerfully greeted with my own snarky message.

You can check out my 404 snark at (really, insert some incoherent whateverthefuck after the last slash or click the link to nowhere). Or, you can save yourself the trouble and see the screen cap below.  :)

clever snarky funny error message

  6 Responses to “I wasn’t kidding about the 404 error message….”

  1. That’s the most “win” error message I’ve ever seen. High fives!

    • @Femi: I’d return the high five, but I’m too drunk to ensure that my high five meets your high five. If I attempted such a maneuver, being as vodka soaked as I am, I’d probably end up accidentally high-fiving you in the face, and then you’d hit me back, and it would be a big fat fucking Domme fight.

      On second thought, I’ll go make the jello for the wrestling match… I think you said you preferred red jello, right? :)

      • Yes. Red jello. Don’t forget the string bikinis. Wait – do Dommes wear bikinis?

        • @Femi: I think we’re supposed to wear latex or leather bikinis… with metal spikes all over them. Oh, and 8 inch tall stilettos. That too.

          Lemmie go see if I have jello. Fuck. I’m all out. I have applesauce and pudding… any preference?

  2. Thank you for reminding me why I stick with blogger even when it annoys the crap out of me. I have the hardware and intelligence to run a blog myself (and did so in the past), but the accidental muckings that took hours to repair was too much to deal with!

    Now quick mixing PHP with SQL… it really is a lethal mix! LOL

    PS… Love the 404 error. Need something like that for work!

    • @Ms. Maggie: Yeah, it’s my own fault. If there are setting and code that I can fuck with, I can’t help myself. :) It’s a disease, really.

      Now, if I could only mix the PHP + SQL + LOL + 404, I might end up with something useful… :)

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