Sep 302012
BDSM Lexicon Entry #21: Hard and Soft Limits

hard limit, n.: An activity or practice that is absolutely off-limits for a player.

soft limit, n.: An activity or practice that may be negotiated or engaged in under special circumstances.

“No, I’m really sorry, but having sex with you is one of my hard limits. I just can’t do it.”… [read more]

Sep 272012
the burn

There’s no ember and no kindling. When my lips touch his, there’s no slow and steady smolder. The taste of him is spark to fuel, and I am quick to light. There’s no warning and no warm up. When my skin touches his, there’s no soft and gentle tingle.

The feel of him under my hands is electric. His skin carries current and my every nerve goes live. The want for him burns so fucking hot it pulls the oxygen from the room and makes me gasp for breath… [read more]

Sep 262012
where in the world is my vagina?

I’m continually surprised by the volume of really-fucking-awful sex advice out there on the interwebz. Honestly, who reads this shit? (I mean, besides me.) Wait. Forget that. Who the fuck writes this shit? Anyway… I came across a link someone tweeted promising advice on how to speed up the time it takes to bring a woman to orgasm with oral sex. I clicked on the link, in part because I’d like to achieve orgasm with my partner in less time than it takes to make a scale reproduction of the Sistine Chapel with dried macaroni, and in part because (apparently,) … [read more]

Sep 212012

My want for him is ubiquitous. The hunger is persistent and never fully sated. The wanting hasn’t diminished, but it has become less obtrusive. It seems I’ve grown accustomed to the feeling–it’s always there, even when it’s just humming along in the background. Sometimes it’s distracting, intruding on my thoughts and overshadowing my want for other things. Sometimes it makes me restless in the waking hours and keeps me up at night. Other times it recedes into the background, only making itself known in those rare moments when my mind is clear of other things. When it’s still and small, … [read more]

Sep 192012

Yes. I had (and continue to have) some website issues that have kept me from writing. But if I’m honest, I’ve also felt uninspired and a little blue lately. I miss boy and at the moment, I’m feeling kinda Emo Domme. It has nothing to do with J (at least not directly,) and nothing to do with the relationship. We’re fine. He’s subbish, sweet, and attentive in all the ways he is able to be at a distance, and I’m as sexually frustrated, insanely lustful, and obsessive as I’ve ever been. It’s not the distance that gets me down. I’m … [read more]