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(continued from part 1)

J left his car at the restaurant and I drove us back to my place. He was tipsy and talkative and I let him ramble–I like it when he’s unguarded. Perhaps it’s a shame that he requires scotch and my disappointment to get to that place, but I enjoy it nonetheless. Besides that, and for whatever reason, I feel slightly more comfortable in my own skin when he’s open and eager. I was a little nervous that night, and I felt better knowing he had a few drinks in him.

In a conversation months earlier, I mentioned to J that someday, I wanted to try dressing “full Dominatrix”–outfitting myself in all the sexy leather I could find. While it isn’t something I’d want to do all the time, I was curious about what it might feel like to “role play” as a hypersexualized, stereotypical, hetero-male-porn-fantasy-style Dominatrix. In the months that followed, I quietly collected pieces here and there and picked up the last piece at the fetish shop earlier that afternoon.

When we got to my place, I was eager to get dressed (or, undressed and redressed, as it were). I left him downstairs and told him to entertain himself–it might take a while for me to get ready.

Image by Morgan Sherwood [1]

I went up to my bedroom, gathered up the pieces of the outfit, and set about putting myself together.

It took a half an hour to get dressed and ready, but I enjoyed the preparation–playing dress-up was fun and I was so excited to see his reaction. I went “full Domme” in almost all new pieces: a black leather, sweetheart cut, halter style, overbust corset with steel buckles on the busk; a black leather miniskirt with a deep slit on the thigh; a pearl g-string; black leather thigh-high boots with stainless steel 4.5″ stiletto heels; and elbow length black lambskin gloves.

I spent a small fortune on the outfit, and I fucking hate boots, but I loved the way it looked–it was over-the-top sexy.

After I was dressed, I went to the vanity to find the new red lipstick I bought for the occasion. I don’t typically wear red lipstick–I’m too pale to pull it off–but the outfit demanded it. I fumbled with the plastic wrap on the tube for a minute before I realized I needed to take off the gloves. I didn’t realize they would affect my dexterity as much as they did.

After I applied the lipstick, I decided to lose the pearl g-string. It would get in the way later and I didn’t want to fumble around removing it with clumsy gloved hands. I tossed it in the closet and pulled the gloves back on.

I took a last look in the full-length mirror and walked to the doorway.

As my steel heels clicked across the wood, I imagined J downstairs listening, and wondering what I was doing up there for so long. I dimmed the lights, called down to him, and after a few moments, I heard his heavy footsteps as he ascended the stairs.

When he reached the landing, I spoke from just inside the door, just out of his sight.

“Stop. Take off your clothes, fold them, and leave them there.”

His clothes were off and folded in less than sixty seconds. He stood naked in the hall and waited for his next instruction.

“You can come in now…”

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1. Image by Morgan Sherwood; obtained via Wikimedia Commons; licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.


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  12 Responses to “dressing Domme, part 2”

  1. I just LOVE a real cliff hanger ending!… Can’t wait for the next installment. (BTW, the outfit sounds awesome!)

    • @Slapshot:

      “I just LOVE a real cliff hanger ending!”

      Unfortunately, my endings often find me at the bottom of the cliff. :)

      “BTW, the outfit sounds awesome!”

      It is awesome! All of that stuff is far too expensive (and not all that practical), but it’s fun!

  2. Were you different in the role-play as a Dominatrix? I.e. did you take on a different persona?

    • @Dave: “Were you different in the role-play as a Dominatrix? I.e. did you take on a different persona?”

      I didn’t consciously take on any different persona nor did I think playing dress-up affected me all that much. It felt sexy to look sexy, but then again, there were moments where I felt less confident than I normally do because I was wearing unfamiliar (and pretty restrictive) clothing.

      I wish I had a sexier response, but the truth is corsets make it difficult to move, thigh-high leather boots limit the range of motion in your knees, and it’s difficult to tie knots in leather gloves. I might’ve looked on, but I have much more fun playing in street clothes.

  3. The time or two I dominated (I won’t call it Dom-ing) my last lover I imagined being leather-clad, though I was buck ass naked. My head would’ve exploded if I’d be made up like you. Looking forward to the rest of the story!

    • @Hyacinth: “My head would’ve exploded if I’d be made up like you.”

      Actually, you’d be surprised. I have every confidence that bound, zippered, and laced up as tight as I was, I wouldn’t have been able to explode if I had wanted to. :)

  4. Very visual story, D. I prefer to be dommed by a woman in jeans, flip flops, and a cute little top or in a sundress and barefoot or in a sexy dress and heels. However, here is the actual phrase the I use in ‘my story’ ,as I call it, that I use in my profile on the sites that I subscribe to:

    In my late teens or very early 20s i saw a beautiful Woman dressed in all black on the back of an adult magazine ordering me to call Her. i did. From that night on i knew that i wanted to, maybe even needed to, serve Women sexually. i knew that i wanted to be dominated, to be told what to do and how to do it, that bringing pleasure to the Woman that i was with was the most important thing to me sexually.

    There is just something about a beautiful woman dressed in typical Dominatrix garb that is irresitable and frightening at the same time.


    • @Michael: I guess that’s one of the nice things about having an on-going thing with a play partner–from day to day, dominance and submission can take different shapes, forms, and flavors. It keeps things exciting and means more opportunities to try different approaches and attitudes (and clothing and toys!) to see which ones feel good.

  5. Well, as a fetishist in addition to the rest, I for one can’t begin to express how much I would have loved to have seen YOU dressed like that. I know the confines of that stuff is restrictive and awkward, but as you already knew, it’s impact on your boy is impossible to measure. Ummm, unless you always have a ruler handy. All that tight Dominatrix gear transcends the atheistic, it’s the feel of those lambskin gloves on smooth skin, that sound of tight boots cricking when you move and the scent of leather mixed with you that would be so crazy powerful. I guess that was what you were after and I am sure it wasn’t wasted on lucky, lucky, and lucky J. Very cool and generous of you to do that.

    • @MB: “it’s impact on your boy is impossible to measure.”

      I think you’re being a little dramatic here. I just wanted to play dress, look hot, and hear that I looked nice. Seriously. I like power and control and fucking, but I’m not trying to forge some spiritual connection here.

      “All that tight Dominatrix gear transcends the atheistic,”

      Huh? At first I thought you meant “aesthetic,” but that doesn’t make sense either. Are you drunk? (or am I?)

      “crazy powerful. I guess that was what you were after”

      No no… fuck no. I wanted to play dress up, feel sexy, and look like sex-on-heels. Seriously. I’m not all that spiritual about it.

      MB… for a stalker, it’s seems like you barely know me. I’m going to go cry into my leather now.

      • Yes, I meant “aesthetic.” And, that stuff has a powerful effect on me…spiritual even. I assumed wrong about your intent. I will be in this hole in the ground if you need me.

        • @MB: “I assumed wrong about your intent.”

          You’re just going to have to stalk harder then, MB. Okay?

          “I will be in this hole in the ground if you need me.”

          Get out of the hole, please, and get back in your cage. Thank you.

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