Aug 022012

I turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. I didn’t bother drying off, but folded a fluffy white bath towel over my arm instead.

J was still seated on the edge of the bed in the same spot where I found him when I woke up. He woke up hours before me to run to the market and return to make breakfast.

As I approached him, he seemed to look through me, focusing on the wet footprints I left behind me as I walked.
I stopped within arms distance and stood before him completely naked, warm and pink from the hot shower and still dripping wet.

He wasn’t sure what to do–I watched his conflicting impulses come into existence and then fade as they played across his face. He looked down at my toes and allowed his eyes to wander up to my thighs before he made himself look away, still unsure of what to do and where to look. He’s so beautiful when he’s conflicted and unsure.

I didn’t move. After a few moments, he met my eyes and looked relieved to find that I was already smiling. I held out my arm and offered him the towel.

He took the towel from me, looked at it for a minute, and then back up into my face. I sat my bare, wet bottom on his knee, leaned in to kiss his cheek, then sat up straight again. He didn’t move.

“You have a towel and I’m all wet.”

He still didn’t move.

“Dry me off,” I laughed.

“Oh! Oh… ok…”

He still looked a bit confused, but he lifted the towel gingerly and gently patted my face dry. I lifted my head to give him access to my neck. He worked his way down over my breasts and stomach and I extended one arm, and then the other, so he could dry me off properly. He was so gentle and sweet, but he was taking a hell of a long time and I was getting cold.

I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, draped my legs over his other thigh, and rested my head against his neck. He shivered a little when my still-sopping-wet hair soaked through his shirt and dripped down his back. I curled into him anyway and let him towel off everything else he could reach.

It was so sweet… too sweet. I felt small and I don’t know… petted?

I moved off his lap to the bed and pulled him with me. He didn’t offer any resistance, but instead, laid flat and put his arms by his sides.

I wasn’t all that interested in his mouth, but I straddled his face anyway, teasing him a little and rubbing my pussy against his lips. He strained up to reach me and although he didn’t say anything, his eyes were hungry.

“Stop begging… close your eyes.”

He obeyed. I wasn’t really interested, but lowered myself down to his mouth anyway. I let him lick me for a few minutes, and then I pulled away, teasing him. His tongue curled towards the air as he tried to teach me–it was equal parts lewd and hilarious. I stayed out of his reach until he got still again.

“Come on, open up for me baby… open wide… ”

With his eyes still closed, he smiled slightly and obliged, opening his mouth wide, anticipating my pussy.

Shifting my hips back just an inch, I leaned forward over his face. I pulled my still-sopping hair over my shoulder and wrung the excess water into his open mouth. He squeezed his eyes tight for a few moments and then peeked at me with one eye. I laughed, patted his cheek and hopped off the bed.

I wrapped myself in a sheer blue silk robe and turned around to find him exactly where I had left him.

“Baby, you can get up now… something smells delicious. Have you been fucking around in the kitchen without my permission?”

“Yes Ma’am. I made breakfast…. I hope you like it.” He smiled.

“It’s a beautiful morning. Let’s have breakfast out on the patio, okay?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

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  1. You create THAT, and elicit no response?

    • Apparently not. :) Not the most exciting stuff, nor my best work. Wait, one response! Yay!

      • It was beautifully written. It made me want to go back to college, and major in towelling. Would you like some clotted cream with your scones and Assam tea?

        • @Eric: “It made me want to go back to college, and major in towelling.”

          If you decide to return to school and major in towelling, I’ll volunteer to help you with your homework. I shower every day and I can offer you unlimited opportunities to practice your craft. :)

          But you should know, scones and tea sounds far too classy for me. I’d prefer coffee and a cookie, or better yet, a milk stout and a steak.

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