Aug 062012

In the beginning, it was a question, a single word with upward inflection. It was as innocent as any question can be in the middle of conversation about talking dirty.

“I’m nobody’s bitch,” you answered. It was off-limits, out-of-bounds, and seemed to hit a nerve. I don’t recall if I apologized for asking, but I remember wanting to.

But now, with the confidence of many moons, welts raised, and bindings tied, we both know things have changed.

The word spit through gnashed teeth, snarled lips. You accept it like a baby bird — open-mouthed, hungry, but unsure.

Now, as then, you’re not just anyone’s bitch. You’re my bitch… and you like it, don’t you?


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  1. I can’t believe no one has commented on this yet. It is amazingly hot!

  2. Yes,i would, to be your bitch that is:)

  3. Not only do I like it, I love it. Being called a bitch is so hot. The word has many different meanings to me. It instantly puts me in my place, reminding me that she is the leader, the ruler, the decision maker. She is the one to be obeyed, amused, entertained, pleased, worshiped, pleasured. I am hers to do with what she pleases. Whore, slut (although I do like slut, too), slave, sub, they just do not convey everything that bitch does. A little, one sylable word that says as much as any other word a person could be identified with.


    • @Michael: I think he prefers slut, but I kinda like bitch. I like the way it feels coming out of my mouth and I like the way it sounds. Seems odd to say, but the word means so much more than I ever thought it would.

  4. What Michael said…hot. Oh yes!

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