Jul 082012

Listen carefully, boy. I’m going to tell you what I want, so pay attention.

I’m feeling restless and selfish and I want your mouth. I need you to make me come.

Forget about your needy cock, your swollen balls, and your slutty little ass. They don’t exist. All you are is lips and tongue and warmth and softness. You are nothing more than a mouth that exists to please me. Your mouth is going to get me hot, then it’s going to tease me, and when I can’t take it anymore, your mouth is going to get me off.

I’m going to sit on your lap and you will use your mouth to kiss me. You will kiss my lips and ears and neck until I’m ready for more. When I strip off my shirt, you will suck my nipples, gently at first, flicking them with your tongue. When they are good and hard, you will bite them — softly at first. I will tell you to bite harder and harder and you will worry about breaking the skin. (If you do, there will be hell to pay.) But still, I will push you. You will bite my nipples until it’s almost too much, until I get that little rush and I’m a split-second away from striking you. You will kiss me and bite me until I can’t stand it anymore, until I can’t wait another moment to shove your head between my thighs and feel your lips and tongue on my pussy.

When I’m ready, I will tell you to lie down and I will straddle your face. You will tease me first — I don’t like it hard and fast right away. Kiss the insides of my thighs and run your tongue along the soft creases where my legs and my pussy meet. Gently lick up one side and down the other. Do that again, and again, and again. Tease me, but don’t you dare touch my clit yet. I want you to make me want it.

When I tell you I want more, make your tongue flat and soft and start low. I want long, tortuously slow licks — open me up a little more and a little more each time, but don’t rush. Plunge your tongue inside me until I writhe and then circle your tongue around my clit — but don’t touch it yet. When I start to thrust against your mouth, when I try to grind my clit against your lips and chin, wrap your arms around my legs and make me wait. Just this once, you have my permission to hold my hips until I’m still… but know that I will fight you you. I will curse you and strike you and I will cut off your breath and try to force my pussy into your mouth.

It won’t be easy for you. You’ll have to fight against your instinct to give me what I want when I want it. But I’m telling you now that if you can take it, I want you to ignore your instincts, take the abuse, tease me, and make me wait.

If you can take it long enough to get me out of my head, I’ll be without thought, without feeling, without meaningful consciousness — all that’s left will be need. If you tease me well enough, I’ll be nothing more than a cunt that wants nothing more than your mouth.

When I’ve given up and let go, you will lick me and suck me and fuck me with your tongue. You will please me with your beautiful mouth the way no man has ever done before.

If you’ve done it right, I will soak your face and chest and my legs will go weak and I won’t be able to stay up long enough to let you to lick me clean. If I collapse onto your chest, you’ll know you have done well.


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  12 Responses to “tease me”

  1. Mmm… :-) Mind if I plagiarize this (except for the nipple biting part; let’s change that to licking) and send it to a couple folks? ;-D

    Very nice instructions! Have you sent these to him?

    • Plagiarize away! Just be sure to report back later. ;)

      No. I haven’t sent them. I suppose I’ll wait until he’s within reach again. *sigh*

  2. It is like magic when words that are put in just the right order can reach down inside and push all kinds of buttons. All hail the wordsmith. I feel like I am wearing skinny jeans…I am not.

    • I assume you mean I make your ass and thighs feel bloated, right? Also, don’t wear skinny jeans. Ever.

  3. Awesome!!

  4. um? ok? well? wow? let me think? Uh? sweet, nice, hot, wet, swollen? Fuck that! You being pleasured, aroused, amused, licked, sucked, drunked (dranked?), every drop appreciated and swallowed is what matters. You bucking and grinding and shoving Your hot, wet gorgeous,delicious pussy on a willing (yeah, like there would ever be an unwilling) mouth. I’m glad to be back reading You. Missed You, D.


    • Michael–you’re officially my commenter crush. :)

      Question: Would that be a bit of a mind fuck for a submissive… if your Domme told you to make her wait for it? If she told you up front she would try to pressure you to give in, but in advance, she told you to wait?

      I wonder how well that would work, or not work?

      Would you be able to do what she said in the beginning, or would you give in when she physically pressured you?

  5. Have to go and will comment more in a day or two. Really want to give your question some more thought. Breifly, yes. It would be a big turn on to have to try hold back, for both of us I think. Could I not give in to my natural inclination to do everything in my power to bring You pleasure? Could I really tease You? I loooooooooooooooove proloooooooooooooooooonged play so I might be able to do it. It wouldn’t be easy but it might be a lot of fun. More thought needed after a day away from the PC on the golf course tomorrow. Will check in Wed. Love… (i’m trying not to think too much about the complment that You gave me, not sure that i can handle it but will totally enjoy trying to handle it – that didn’t make much sense but I’m in a big hurry and didn’t want to go two days without replying. Bye D


    • And that was adorable. :) I love boys being adorable! I love making boys be adorable towards me… it’s like a win-win-win… and then more win! :)

      Good luck golfing. :)

  6. Holy Hell. Yes. Holy Hell.

  7. Yes Ma’am i will please You with my tongue . My tongue is for your use and your pleasure.

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