Jul 282012

The Masocast podcast was one of the first resources I found when I was just starting to learn about BDSM. Since then, I’ve caught up on all the back episodes and listen to new episodes as soon as they come out. Axe’s guests come from a wide range of experience levels, backgrounds, roles, and perspectives–his interviews never fail to be informative and entertaining. Topics include sex, gender, relationships, erotica, BDSM, kink, fetishes, polyamory, play, professionals, bondage, toys and implements, psychology, history… (far too many to list here).

If you haven’t heard The Masocast yet, go listen. You won’t be disappointed.

If you’re able, go over to the fundraising page and make a donation. It’s really important to support projects like The Masocast–it’s homegrown, independent, informative, good for the community, and good for kinky people. (Fuck that… it’s good for anyone who enjoys sex and play, kinky or otherwise.)

But enough about The Masocast… let’s talk about something far more important… me.  (it’s all about me, remember?)

When I heard about the Masocast fundraising drive, I contacted Axe and volunteered my “graphic design services” as incentives for donations. (Jump to read about my experience in graphic design.) Those incentives went up on the Masocast donation page two weeks ago, but so far, no one has claimed them.

Of course, I’ve taken it personally and I’ve been crying in the corner for the better part of a week. (Sad Domme is sad.) This sort of thing makes a girl feel unloved and unwanted–there’s a good chance I will continue to cry until someone donates and puts me to work. Come on people, don’t you want me?

Perhaps you don’t understand what’s really being offered here.

Sure, if you donate, you’ll get the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with being a good person. You’ll feel like one of the cool kids when you put an “I donated” badge on your website. You’ll get two bonus episodes of the Masocast. You’ll get an awesome, totally unique, custom-designed graphic for your blog or website. But it’s way more than that…

You’ll get the chance to tell a Domme what to do… to dominate a Domme!

If you secure my services, you’ll tell me what to do and I’ll do it! (…by “tell me what to do” I mean I’ll take your direction, and by “do it” I mean I’ll create a custom image for you.)

What would you pay for the chance to tell a Domme what to do? “Hey Domme! Push some pixels and make me a custom blog header that meets my exact specifications!” or “Design me an avatar of a circus clown’s cock!” or “Whip up some ideas for my logo… I want it to feature vintage lace, an eyeball, and a kumquat… and do it now!”

What would you give for that kind of opportunity? Would you give up your prized Star Wars collectible figurine set? Thousands of dollars? One of your kidneys? Your left testicle?

Lucky for you, I don’t want your collectibles, your thousands of dollars, your kidneys, or your testicles.

  • For a $75 donation to The Masocast, I’ll work with you–taking your direction and ideas–to design a custom image for your blog or website. You can choose a blog header, a website banner, an avatar, or Twitter background (if there’s some other sort of image you want, contact me and we can talk about possibilities).
  • For a $175 donation, I’ll work with you to develop an entire “brand package” including ALL of the following custom graphics: logo, banner/header, avatar, and Twitter background (or additional image of your choice). A fucking custom logo. Seriously.

So… go and donate. Be a good person, get a badge for your website, get bonus episodes, get the chance to dominate a Domme (kinda), and get a custom image for your website. Come on… it’s the closest you’ll get to buying my love…

Get all the details and donate to The Masocast here.

Read the “fine print” about graphic design incentives here.



I have more than ten years of experience in graphic design and digital image development in a variety of applications. In my vanilla life, I do freelance graphic design for businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals–my portfolio includes logo design, website design, social media graphics, avatars, banners, digital advertisements, print media, and a variety of specialty graphics. While I can’t link to my professional portfolio here, you can see examples of my graphic design work here on the blog. Two of my personal favorites are “Snow White and the Seven Plugs” and “BDSM Orgasm Clue.”


  4 Responses to “buy my love (dominate a Domme)”

  1. Not only does she do great work, as you can see above, but she’s great to work with. DD was incredibly responsive, quick, and gave me lots to choose from as she worked. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

  2. I hate to see a Domme cry! For those of us without a web page, maybe you could expand your offerings?

    • @Berber: “For those of us without a web page, maybe you could expand your offerings?”

      Hmmm… since I do digital images, I’m not sure what else I could offer? I could certainly do some sort of image that could be used in print. Also, I could create an avatar for people who comment on blogs (I notice you don’t have one!), or for Twitter, or other online forums.

      If you have other ideas, let me know! I’m open to suggestions!

      Thanks for the comment. :)

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