Jun 252012

Welcome to Dumb Domme on the new WordPress platform!

Yeah, I know the site looks a lot like it did when it was on the old Blogger platform. I hate change, and I went to great lengths to make this thing look just like the old thing.

It may take a day or two for your reader subscriptions to update and you may have to empty your cache or slap your computer to get the new site to show up.

Not that this is really important information, but I still have a lot to do here, including

  • fuck around with the widgets
  • get the BDSM Lexicon page back up and running
  • check all my links/permalinks
  • fix a fuck-ton of formatting issues
  • figure out meta-tags and whatnot so I don’t lose my beloved page rankings (on which I base most of my self-esteem)

Thanks to Ferns at Domme Chronicles for widget advice, N. Likes at My Dissolute Life for confirming my archive suspicions, and Axe at Masocast for helping me dominate my DNS settings.

  2 Responses to “up and running?”

  1. Welcome home!!!… I like your new place. I didn’t even have to do anything special to get here. I just clicked.

    Sure, you may have some stuff left to do, bit it looks good. Congratulations!

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