Jun 152012

I had an orgasm… a few, actually.

J did it. He made me come and it was fucking awesome.

There will be details at some point. For now, I’m going to happily float through the rest of my day.   :)


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  1. More to come. I resisted the other spelling because i am disciplined.

  2. @Anon: I appreciate your discipline. And you're right, "more to come" would have been more appropriate phrasing. (I hope!) :)

  3. OMG awesome!!!! Yay for you both!!

    I shall expect the tedium of you going on and on about your multiple orgasms and squirting on the sides of buildings and on random people now.

    "… a few, actually"

    Oh wait… you've already started…



  4. @Ferns: I'm now imagining the logistics involved in positioning myself in such a way that would allow me to squirt on the side of a building.

    Tedium of multiple orgasms? I hope so!

    If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go find the side of a building and get to work.

  5. @Ferns: I can't see your shoe… are you barefoot?

  6. I lost my shoe!!!

    It's because I am trying to divorce from blogger (that bitch wants alimony, palimony AND all my worldly goods) and if I use my 'normal' Google profile, the automatic linkage goes to my blogger profile, and you don't have the comment option that links to my gravatar and and… It's all stupid and really boring.

    Though while I am here, re the squirting, I beg you to please please not post photos of your wet sheets, wet buildings or random wet folks. That shit squicks me out.

    I'm so happy for this update, though!!! I most happily look forward to reading lots of squeeing, mushing, floating and other various shenanigans of happiness and awe!!!


  7. @Ferns: I fucking HATE, hate hate hate when people post photos of wet spots… Especially when there's nothing else in the photo… just a big sheet with bodily fluid in the middle of it.

    Do men do that? Or only women? I don't think I've seen a dude post a completely context-less photo of ejaculate. "Hey… here's a few tablespoons of my ejaculate… enjoy!"

    Blech, ick, and yes, squick.

    (Oh, and I hate photos of people on twin beds… that freaks me out too.)

  8. I'm so glad. Since you were deferring helping me for 12 hours (and then helping me so very much), I'm glad you were having FUCKING AWESOME orgasms.

  9. @N: Thank you… it was about damn time. Although, most of the credit goes to the boy, who I imagine is still icing his tongue. :)

  10. Huzzah! Go you and J! and ice! :D

    LOL @ Ferns…ditto. I see a wet spot and think: fresh sheets, stat!

    DomDomme (this is such a dorky name, I can't believe I saddled myself with it…!)

  11. Thank you Baby Jaysus! If I had the foresight I would have placed permission for my boy to orgasm based on your orgasms, dammit man!

  12. @DomDomme: You name is no worse than mine. Trust me on this one. :)

  13. @Anon: Considering it only took a year plus… it could be a long time for him! A long time coming? That almost works. :)

    Oh, I can see it now, your boy would have to encourage my boy: "work harder, man! I can't come unless you make her come!"

    Actually, that's kinda sexy. :)

  14. I'm SOOOOOOOO happy for you. Though for some reason I saw the word float and thought of a parade and was then disappointed to learn there wasn't going to be a sexual spectacle cumplete (because I'm not disciplined, I'm domless at the moment) with a grand marshal to welcome and announce each new orgasm…

  15. @DDD: Thank you!

    Actually, when it happened, I swear to goodness I heard the "Hallelujah Chorus" in my head. It wasn't quite a parade… but I'll consider that for the future!

    And as for discipline, you don't need it if you're clever, and "cumplete" was clever!

    Note: I'll be taking applications for grand marshal of the orgasm parade in July.

  16. i am so, so happy for You, D. Reading that actually made me tingle a little bit. You may have set a world record for the orgasms felt by and applauded by the most people in history. Should i feel icky for not being able to wait for the details? Nah…


  17. @submichael: It is possible that I have record setting orgasms! I mean, only record setting that I've shared it (kinda?) with the most people.

    World Record for Most Participants in a Virtual Orgasm?

    And no, you shouldn't feel icky waiting for the details, especially seeing as how I had to wait a year for the orgasm. :)

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