Jun 192012

It was the submissive boy, in the bedroom, with a vibrator.


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  1. After seeing this and reading the last post, i don't feel icky at all. i just feel really, really happy for you. And if i cared about J i would feel happy for him, too. But being the selfish, jealous, really wish that i was him kind of sub that i am, i don't. Just kidding, sort of. OK, i'm glad for him, too. Wasn't that mature of me?


  2. @michael: I applaud your maturity! I also appreciate your jealousy–I like a little measured jealousy in my men, virtual or otherwise! ;)

    I hope to write it up in some sexy(ish) manner at some point, but because we didn't engage in other sorts of play, it's really just a lot of details about a LOT of oral service.

  3. Damn. I had my money on the butler, in the parlor. ;) Heh!


  4. @DomDomme: Oh, I've had the butler in the parlor. I'd give him a 6/10, tops.

  5. I LOVE the graphics that you come up with!!!

  6. Thanks, DDD. I enjoy pushing pixels from time to time. Mostly, when I'm procrastinating on actual work. :)

  7. LOL, DD. I second your mad picture skillz props!


  8. Can we make this a thing? I totally would pay for a kinky version of Clue.

  9. @DomDomme: Thank you! :)

  10. @Peroxide: You know, that's not a bad idea! If only there were a market for such things.

    Oh well, at least now I know how I might be procrastinating over the next couple of days. :)

  11. Better this way than Colonel Mustard and the Lead Pipe.

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