Jun 222012

Hello lovely readers,

In the next couple of days, I anticipate switching from Blogger to the WordPress platform. I’ve already begun the process, so I’m stuck now anyway.  :)  Sink or swim, right?

What does this mean to readers?

Nothing. I’ll still be here at www.dumbdomme.com. You might see an error message for a couple of days while I get my shit together, but rest assured, I’ll be back online again in a couple of days.

You won’t have to change your subscriptions or your bookmarks.

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What does the mean to DumbDomme? It will probably mean lots of frustration, cursing, and vodka.

If you want to keep up with the cursing, random ramblings, frustrations, and vodka consumption, visit me on Twitter at #DumbDomme.

See you on the flip side (I hope).


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