Jun 162012

The other night–orgasm night–J didn’t know whether to believe me. Obviously, he didn’t stop what he was doing just to question me. Besides that, his face was buried in my pussy, and as I’ve learned, that’s his favorite place to be.

When we took a break, he asked (gently) if I really had an orgasm. I confirmed, trying to temper my elation. (Honestly, it was a “Hallelujah Chorus” moment in my head–not just because it felt good, but because it happened at all.) Because I faked orgasms in the past–I didn’t want my real reaction to look anything like my fake reaction. It’s unfortunate because my fake reaction looks like my real reaction (How else would I know what to do when I fake except to mimic what I do when I have a real orgasm?)

He said he took me at my word, but his face gave him away. He wants to believe me, but he’s not sure.

I understand his hesitance and I’ll do my best to reassure him.

Of course, I’ll also give him many more opportunities to make me come so that he can gauge the authenticity of my orgasms. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to reestablish trust… no matter how many orgasms it takes.  ;)

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  1. Yes. You'll need lots of data points. Tell him it's *for science*! ;)

    I love the happy (har har) outcome, by the way. Ode to Joy next time? lol!


  2. "…o matter how many orgasms it takes."

    How noble and self sacrificing of you.

    Congratulations by the way! (is that the appropriate response? it seems a little odd to congratulate someone on cumming.)

  3. @DomDomme: Yes! For science!

    And Ode to Joy would have been better, but I can't help what plays in my head on orgasm. Wonder what it would take to change my mental playlist? :)

  4. @Peroxide: "How noble and self sacrificing of you."

    What can I say? I'm a giver. :)

    And sure, I guess a congratulations works… but I'd rather have a parade or at least a nice "Happy Orgasm" Hallmark card.

  5. "his face was buried in my pussy, and as I've learned, that's his favorite place to be"

    I can relate to that! Being engulfed in my Queen's feminity is pure awesomeness!

    "I'll also give him many more opportunities to make me come so that he can gauge the authenticity of my orgasms"

    As a submissive male, that is the pinnacle of sex for me: when my wife climaxes. While I am fascinated with nearly everything female, her orgasms are the highlight, the main event of our sex play. We rely on her trusty vibrator a lot, but nothing makes me feel more manly and virile than when she climaxes from my oral service or (as happened last night) from intercourse. It's hard to underestimate the benefit we males derive from female sexual satisfaction. A real female orgasm is just so sexy and… as you say: authentic.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. @lovetosubmit: Well, from the dominant female point of view (or any POV), I have to agree that authentic orgasms are way better than fake ones. :)

    I understand the importance of bringing a partner to orgasm, particularly for submissive males. That's one of the reasons I faked so long ago–it's really important to J. Of course, that doesn't justify my dishonesty, but I think it helps to explain it.

  7. There's a lot of baggage surrounding the female orgasm… even on nights when my Lady explains, "It's okay; I don't need to orgasm every time to enjoy myself," I still have a subtle feeling that I've failed to uphold my responsibilities. I usually do my best to just accept & let go of anxiety so I can pour myself into every encounter–I trust her to tell me if her needs are not being met! :-)

  8. @submissivedude: I imagine it must be a sort of weight on you (and men in general, particularly submissives).

    I'm glad you trust her to tell you what she wants. There have been days where I knew when we started that orgasm wasn't even possible. I wish there weren't so many variables (known and unknown), but there are.

  9. OMG! I am now going to have to search for (or make) a happy orgasm card!

  10. @emotepariah: Hmm… maybe another pixel-pushing project for me? Happy Orgasm cards… now I just need some sort of short poem to go on the inside of the card. :)

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