Jun 282012

Stage 1, Shock: During this initial phase of submissive “sorry,” immediately following the realization of his disobedience, the subject is observed in a state of shock as indicated by such statements as: “I can’t believe I did this! It’s completely out of character for me to disobey such a clear command. I know better than this. It’s ridiculous and I can’t understand how I allowed this to happen. This is so unlike me!” … [read more]

Jun 272012
fucking ugly

  Some of the sex/relationship blogger memes are interesting, focused, and well-organized. Some are not. Something Saturday! Post something — a story, a limerick, a photo, a recipe, or artwork. Posts must be in by Saturday at midnight — no exceptions! (To be fair to those in different time zones and to those who eschew the patriarchy of traditional calendars, we keep submissions open for seven days before and after the official deadline.) Happy Hump Day! Post something about being happy, about humping, or just something random that happened during your day! Be sure to put this tiny-dog-humping-a-stuffed-animal .gif on … [read more]

Jun 272012

I’m not looking to get married — I’m already married to my career. I’m not looking for someone with whom I can share a nice house and a white picket fence — I bought my own home and painted the fence myself. I’m not looking for someone to grow old with because I’m secretly hoping to live forever… and forever is a long fucking time to spend with just one person. (Besides, I’m easily bored.) In my twenties, I never gave much thought to the idea of finding a forever partner. I wasn’t against the idea, nor was it something … [read more]

Jun 262012
Help Wanted (redirecting feeds)

Update: 5:00pm… I think I figured it out! The feeds are up and running. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions.  :) Help Wanted (redirecting feeds) was last modified: September 13th, 2012 by Dumb Domme

Jun 252012
up and running?

Welcome to Dumb Domme on the new WordPress platform! Yeah, I know the site looks a lot like it did when it was on the old Blogger platform. I hate change, and I went to great lengths to make this thing look just like the old thing. It may take a day or two for your reader subscriptions to update and you may have to empty your cache or slap your computer to get the new site to show up. Not that this is really important information, but I still have a lot to do here, including fuck around with … [read more]