May 222012

Head and neck aligned, shoulders loose and low, elbows bent 90 degrees in neutral, hands relaxed. Roll through the strides, hit a rhythm, and go numb.

And then I ran through a spider’s web and lost the rhythm. Sticky motherfucker.

… shoulders loose and low, elbows at 90 degrees, hands relaxed. Roll through the strides, hit the rhythm, and go numb.

And then I almost stepped on a fat frog and damn near tripped. I turned around and cursed at him, then laughed at myself for stopping to curse at a lazy fat frog.

… elbows at 90 degrees, hands relaxed. Roll. Hit the rhythm. Go numb.

And then I ran through a neighbor’s sprinkler which turned on at the exact moment I was running by.

Fuck it! Fuck the rhythm. Fuck going numb.

I ran towards a trail I that I knew led to the water. I ran like an uncoordinated child, limbs flailing, feeling everything, feeling the way my body moved, feeling joy.

I half ran and half skipped down the trail to a short grassy area before the water. I took off my heart rate monitor (fuck my heart rate!) and stuffed it into my pocket. I pulled off my shoes and socks, left them at the trails edge, and wandered into the St. Augustine feeling self-possessed.

I sat at the waters edge and reclaimed my breath.

I felt like me again. I focused on the water, on my breathing, on my heartbeat… the closest thing to meditation I’ll ever do.


Movement. Something twitched.

To my left.

Mother. Fucking. Alligator.

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  1. *laugh* Hilarious!

    Whenever I run, I refer to it as 'doing a Phoebe' and have no illusions about getting to the 'zen' thing that real runners get! And in a land of many dangerous and venomous creatures, I imagine if I had a spider AND toad AND crocodile encounter in a single outing, I would never leave the house again!


  2. You know, we're leading only slightly different lives on opposite sides of the globe: we're both lushes (champagne/vodka), have Js (Jay/J), live near beaches, run like freaks, risk our lives (crocs/gators), have giant cocks (mine is bigger!)…

    If we ever ran into each other, we might cause some sort of tear in the time-space continuum…


  3. OMG. This? THIS IS WHY I LIVE IN BOSTON. Apart from The Woonagator, we're pretty much gator-free.

  4. Ah, so you live in FL?

  5. @Anon: It's not a secret. It's on my FetLife profile.

    You, however, are not in Florida. Bin ich richtig? :)

  6. @Lily: Yeah, but you get snow. I fear snow more than gators.

  7. Haha! Spiderwebs fucking suck. But I've never encountered a gator. Somehow I think that might make me run until I was numb.

  8. @Lizzie: Well, it certainly got my heart rate back up! *chomp*

  9. When we have had enough of it all, we can make a pact to create havoc and mayhem in the lead up to a sekrit Domme meeting somewhere exotic, where lots of naked boys will line the path to our rendezvous, where we will swap evil smiles and then DESTROY THE WORLD… bwuhahahhahaha!!! *strokes imaginary bald cat*


  10. … and of course, if it turns out that we *don't* destroy the world this way… well hey, naked boys!!!


  11. @Ferns: "where lots of naked boys will line the path to our rendezvous,"

    If there are lots of hot naked boys on the way, I might be late to the rendezvous. If they're super hot, I might not make it at all. :)

    "*strokes imaginary bald cat*"

    I'm going to let this go… it's too easy. :)

  12. I don't mind frogs, (even fat ones), spider webs, or even sprinklers all that much… But gators?… No thanks. That's why I avoid running by the canals here.

    If not on a treadmill, I run in my apartment complex. This way, the only things I need to worry about are the gang bangers… and I carry a .45 for that

  13. @Unknown: I'm very lucky to live in a gated community where the only .45 I have to carry is the $0.45 in my pocket that isn't quite enough to buy me a bottle of water at the clubhouse vending machine.

    However, I'm petitioning my HOA to ban frogs and spider webs on the premises. ;)

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