May 172012

I want to shove myself inside you, to get off on the resistance you provide, to open you up and expose your insides to the air. I want to see how easy it would be to disassemble you into little manageable pieces and put you back together in some other arrangement that’s more suitable for me.

You give me just enough of you so that I move from “oh, how sweet of him…” to wanting to rip the affection out of you with my teeth. You give me a little and it makes me want to take the rest. You belong to me and I will have you.

When I’m done with you, I want to cradle you in my arms and tell you it’s okay, tell you that I really love you, tell you that I didn’t mean to hurt you.


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  1. Oh man…. this got to me!! Great

  2. @Sara: Thank you! That's very sweet of you. :)

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