May 072012
Email exchange after (un)clear communication. Of course, J and I will still have to talk about it, and when we do, I plan to take some of the excellent advice I received from Tomio and others.



Because I’m in love with you, because I’m enjoying our dynamic, and because I want this to continue for as long as it makes us both happy, you need to come up with three punishment ideas for me. The punishments should be appropriate for minor mistakes (I don’t ever expect anything worse than minor), and me “being disappointed” doesn’t count.

You have until next week at midnight. No excuses.

Thank you, baby.


I will come up with three punishment ideas by next week at midnight.

Thank you for trying to make something work. I know that you love me, and this is the only way to save a dynamic that will surely fizzle out otherwise. I get it.



There’s nothing wrong with the dynamic. In fact, I’m feeling it pretty hard right now.

I love you, sure. But I want you, and for that reason, I’m not worried about fizzling out.

You don’t get it, do you? I’m not sure I can begin describe what you do to me. Your breath sparks electrical fires in my brain. I get blurry with the absolute want to lock you away in some empty room, strip you bare, and blind you to everything else but me. I want to absorb the energy in your chest by sucking it from your mouth. I want to do terrible things to your body and twisted things to your mind and when it’s all over, I want to love you so sweet that you’ll beg me to start all over again.

So, no. You don’t get it. There’s no fizzling out and nothing needs saving. Just want to make sure you continue to keep me running hot.

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