May 292012

To celebrate the successful outcome of a major year-long project at our company, I invited several of my colleagues and their significant others to a dinner party at my place.

J knew I was planning to host the party, but he also knows I don’t mix work with my personal life. I’ve been careful about this relationship in particular because J and I work in related industries, and so we have a few mutual business contacts. While our companies don’t conduct business directly or compete for business, I prefer to avoid personal questions and comments from coworkers.

When I asked J to come over and help me prepare for the party, I assumed he would understand I wanted him to leave before the guests arrived. The look on his face told me otherwise–he thought I was asking him to stay for dinner and he was touched that I would introduce him to my colleagues as my significant other.

That’s not what I intended. I didn’t correct him at the time, but planned to consider my options.

Really, it wouldn’t be a big deal to let J stay for dinner–it would spare him the rejection and spare me the awkwardness of having to correct the misunderstanding. But in the end, my wishes to keep my personal life private outweighed the inevitable awkwardness and hurt feelings that would accompany uninviting him.

And then it hit me. I had the perfect solution.


On Friday, J left work at lunch and made the long drive over to my place, stopping to pick up a few items for me on the way. He brought his weekend bag and changed out of his work clothes to help me finish cooking and cleaning in the hours before the party.

At six o’clock, I went upstairs to freshen up and change into a cocktail dress while J set up the bar and set out serving platters downstairs. When I returned, I sent him upstairs to shower, shave, and dress. After I heard the shower turn off, I gave him five more minutes to shave and brush his teeth before going upstairs after him.

My timing was perfect.

I walked into the bedroom and found J clean shaven, his hair still damp from the shower, wearing nothing but a towel. J stood very still when he noticed me in the room admiring him, consuming him with my gaze. His demeanor shifted in the few moments I watched him, from stone coolness to a malleable ball of useless muscle eager to be a good boy for his mistress.

I went to him, wrapped my arms around his neck, and pulled his face down to meet mine. Within seconds, I was pulling him into me, forcing my tongue into his mouth, demanding his lips to yield to my intrusion. His cock stiffened against my stomach. I tugged on his towel and let it drop to the floor.

I let go of his face and stepped away to look at him–beautiful smooth and pale. His perimeter uninterrupted by clothing makes him seem impossibly large while his nakedness makes his edges all the more permeable.

“As much as I hate to say it, you should get dressed soon. Oh… but before you do, I have something I want you to wear for me, at least through cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. Will you do that for me?

“Yes Ma’am!”

J smiled, anticipating a sexy little game.

I retrieved a slim plug and a bottle of lubricant from one of my nightstands. Without having to be asked, J bent over the bed. I worked the plug into his ass quickly, without my normal preparation to ensure he’s relaxed and comfortable. He took it well, and after a moment, he stood and shifted his weight on his feet a little, getting used to the feeling of being filled up so suddenly.

I stared at his cock–rock hard–beautifully, perfectly hard.

“You know baby, we have a little more time before people arrive…”

J smiled and looked down at his cock. I slipped off my panties under my dress and threw them on the nightstand. I took hold of J’s cock, kissed him, and backed him towards the foot of the bed. He sat down on his own, on account of the plug in his ass. As soon as he looked comfortable, I knocked him onto his back and mauled his mouth with my kisses.

He knew what I wanted and squirmed up closer to the head of the bed (as if removing my panties wasn’t enough of a hint). I mounted his face, pulled my dress up to my waist, and lowered my pussy to his face. He held my hips and lifted his head to reach me.

“Wait,” I said. “I feel so much more comfortable here when you’re bound… it’s distracting when you pull me around by the hips.”

He glanced over at the clock on the nightstand.

“Relax, baby. We have time.”

I hopped off of his face and got the leather wrist restraints from the nightstand. I buckled him up, stretched his arms wide, and clipped him into place.

After he was secured, I mounted his face again and rubbed my pussy over his lips and chin. I let him lick me for a minute or two before pulling away from him. I looked over at the clock and then back down at his face between my thighs.

“Fuck. We really don’t have time. People will start arriving in ten minutes and I still have to check on the hors d’oeuvres.”

I tried not to smile. I got off the bed and grabbed my panties. Instead of putting them back on, I balled them up and shoved them into his mouth. At that moment, J’s eyes went wide–he finally realized I was leaving him there, tied to the bed.

His expression was a beautiful mix of surprise and fear. I didn’t want to leave him, but I had to go back downstairs–delicious aromas were wafting upstairs from the oven and I had to check on everything.

“Oh, you poor thing. You missed lunch. You’re probably hungry, aren’t you?”

He nodded slowly.

“Don’t worry, love. You’ll eat plenty later.”

I touched up my lipstick in the master bath and walked past J on my way to the door. I turned off the lights, but left the french doors open just a few inches. I knew that from J’s position on the bed, he could see through the crack in the doors, past the loft, through the railing–he would be able to see anyone coming up the stairs. For the next hour or so, there was enough daylight coming in through the windows that anyone coming up the stairs might be able to peek into my room and see J shackled to the bed.

I went downstairs to check the oven. A few moments later, the doorbell announced the arrival of my first dinner guests.


At seven, people began to arrive for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, and just before seven thirty, everyone had arrived. While people were busy chatting and drinking, I excused myself to check on J. Ascending the stairs, I wondered whether he recognized the sound of my heels or if he worried it might be someone else.

I entered the room, turned on the light, and shut the door behind me. For the first time since we got together, J’s expression was one of genuine anxiety.

I went to him, set my wine on the nightstand, and pulled my panties out of his mouth–they were sopping wet with saliva. Looking down at him, at his worried expression, my heart swelled–he was so beautiful there. I leaned down to pet his cheek.

“I don’t think this is a good idea,” he whispered up at me.

“I’m sorry… you don’t think this is a good idea… what?” I asked.

He cringed at my volume as I spoke, looked towards the door, and back up at me.

“I don’t think this is a good idea… Ma’am,” he whispered.

“Oh… I think it’s a fine idea,” I smiled, masking my anxiety. I wasn’t sure it was a good idea either, but I was committed.

“Thirsty?” I asked.

He nodded. I picked up my wine glass.

“Don’t you dare get any on my sheets. It will stain.”

I tipped the contents of my wine glass into my mouth. I bent down and emptied my mouth into his. He squinted and sputtered, but swallowed it all in two gulps.

“Good boy.”

I licked an errant drop of wine running down J’s cheek, threatening my linens. I retrieved the wet panties from the nightstand, but J stopped me with his whisper.

“Ma’am… you know those don’t actually keep me quiet… right?”

“I know, darling. The fact that T____, M____, and S____ are downstairs is enough to keep you quiet. I don’t think you’re going to let them know you’re up here after not having come down earlier. You know, it was really impolite of you not to come down and say hello.”

I dropped the panties back down on the nightstand, opened the drawer, and retrieved a medium-sized plug, slightly larger than the one J was wearing. I held it up so he could see.

“Can you take it?”

“I- I- I-…. I’m not sure.”

“If you don’t take it, I won’t come back to check on you until after everyone leaves. Can you take it?”

J hesitated and closed his eyes.

“Yes Ma’am.”

He bent his knees and I sat down between his thighs. Twisting the head of his cock with one hand, I easily pulled out the slim plug with the other.

I lubed up the medium plug and with only the slightest pressure, it slipped in.

“Of course you can take it, baby,” I purred.

I smiled and watched him writhe while I worked the plug in and out just a little, pumping his cock with my other hand. After a few moments, he arched his back and tried to force his cock up into my hand. He moaned and I pulled my hands away immediately.

“No baby. You have to stay quiet. I’m going to leave you alone so you can calm down, okay?”

I didn’t wait for his response. I went to the master bath and scrubbed my hands, returned to the bedroom, and retrieved my phone from the dresser. I fumbled with it for a few moments before turning back to J.

“Don’t worry. I won’t leave you alone all night… See? I’m making an excuse to come see you later.”

I picked up my empty wine glass and flicked off the light as I left, plunging J into darkness once again.

Back downstairs, the party didn’t seem to notice my absence.


A little later, everyone around the table had full plates and full glasses–I was the last to sit for the meal. I poked at my salad and finished my wine just to have an excuse to get up and bring another bottle to the table. I left my napkin folded on my seat so I could sit on it when I returned. The idea of having J upstairs–secretly bound and naked–got me hopelessly wet. Without panties, I was afraid I’d leave a wet spot on my dress or on the brocade upholstery of the dining room chairs.

I had a few bites of dinner and tried to stay engaged in the conversation. It was difficult to pay attention–I was dripping wet and dying to get back to the naked man tied up in my bedroom. Instead, I had to sit and make small talk with boring coworkers.

Halfway through the meal, my phone ‘rang.’ I frowned at it and excused myself.

“I’m so sorry. I have to take this.”

I pretended to begin and important conversation as I left my guests and went upstairs.

When my eyes adjusted to the darkness in the bedroom, I walked to J’s side and touched his chest. He jumped.

“Relax, I set my phone to ring so I could come up and see you. It’s boring downstairs–I think you should entertain me for a few minutes.”

I leaned down until my lips were an inch from his and whispered.

“Do you think you can keep quiet?”

“Yes Ma’am,” he whispered in return.

“Good boy.”

I covered his mouth with one hand, pushing his face away from me. I bit down on his earlobe, hard, and he gasped. I gripped his face harder and shushed him through my teeth, still clamped down on his ear.

I didn’t have much time.

I released his ear and straddled his chest, facing away from him. I pulled his cock out of the way and smacked his ass–the palm of my hand striking his balls and my fingertips slapping the base of the plug. It was an awkward angle, but it was effective enough to warrant a response. I clutched his balls in the palm of my hand and tapped the base of the plug with my fingertips.

He was hard, but not hard enough–I wanted him closer to the edge. I backed up and adjusted so my pussy was inches from his face. I heard him pull against the restraints to try and reach me, but I stayed just out of reach. Teasing him that way drives him mad–I only wish I could have watched his pained expression.

I leaned down, wrapped my lips around his cock, and took the entire length of him into my mouth.

I worked the plug in and out of his ass in rhythm with my tongue’s attentions to his cock. Despite my efforts, he wasn’t close enough. I looked at the clock and saw I had only four more minutes until my self-set time limit when I’d have to go back down to the dinner party.

When I checked the time, I saw him still straining up to reach my pussy.

That would do it… burying his face in my cunt would get him close enough.

I lowered myself onto his face and his tongue parted my folds easily. He worked my pussy with long, deliberate licks–starting just above my clit, licking hard and slow all the way to my ass. He matched the rhythm of of his mouth to the rhythm of mine, still working on his cock. I picked up my pace and so did he–it was almost impossible to focus on anything but the pangs of pleasure I felt from his expert attention.

His cock throbbed in my mouth and I felt his balls tighten. I wrapped my fingers around him just above his balls, right where they meet his body. I kept a steady rhythm and waited… and waited…

After a few moments, his hips bucked. A second before he would have reached orgasm, I pulled his balls down hard, making it impossible for him to come. He buried his face in my pussy and groaned. I sat up, and despite his thrusting up into the air, I held his balls down until I was sure he wouldn’t come.

“Please Ma’am… PLEASE… please… please!”

I ignored his pleading, slid off the bed, and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. Even in the darkness, I could see his eyes were wild, his face slick with my juices.

“Baby… I’d love to keep you this way forever, but it’s time for dessert.”

As I left, he was pumping his hips up and down on the bed, trying to fuck himself with the plug in his ass, desperate for release. I was fairly sure he wouldn’t get it.

I left him there, panting and writhing on the bed. I closed the door behind me and returned downstairs to rejoin my guests.

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  1. There must be a way to track your posts by drool drenched keyboard repair. Your are good for the economy, bad for sensitive electronics and boy parts.

  2. @Anon: I need some clarification here… it's the electronics that are sensitive and not the boy parts? Good to know… ;)

  3. @MsNaydi: Thank you. :)

  4. Wow. Phew. Well written. U have a knack for…words :)

  5. @Anon: Thank you. :)

  6. @Sara: Thank you. Couldn't ask for more than tented red panties! And yes, I am dumb–frequently, but not always. :)

  7. OMG!!! First-time reader and you've knocked me out! Or, at least having me tenting my red panties!! :)
    Um, "dumb" domme you're NOT!

  8. You're so good. You have me humming, "If I were a sadist…" you know, from Fiddler?

  9. Mmmmm Very nice!

  10. @N: I'd always hoped my writing would inspire ear-worms from musical theater.

  11. @Maggie: Thanks darling! :)

  12. That is just gloriously wicked :)

  13. @Stabbity: Thank you. It was nerve-wracking, but well worth it!

  14. I read this a few days ago at work, which was a terrible idea because 1) I couldn't stop laughing and 2) I was horny as hell for the rest of the day. So thank you for both of those. But what happened next? Don't leave us in suspense. What happened after you untied him? Did you ever untie him? Is he still there? Did he get to eat?
    I respectfully request a sequel, lol.

  15. @Rogue: You know, you're the second person to mention that this was funny. I just read it again, and I guess with some distance, I can finally see it. It is pretty funny, especially considering it was a really terrible idea!

    The end of the story isn't nearly as interesting… I got my coworkers out as quickly as I could, untied J, and made him go downstairs to get something to eat.

    He actually tried to argue with me! He wanted to come WAY more than he wanted to eat.

    After he was fed, I tied him back up and and eventually… some hours later, I let him finish. He really is a good boy. A good sport, too. :)

  16. What do you mean a bad idea? Next time I have a dinner party and don't know what to do with my date, this is exactly what I'm going to do. Love it! :-)

  17. This is actually the second post of yours that I've read. I really enjoy how you write. Great story!

  18. I adore this idea, and the way you shared the experience with us. Very hot :-)

  19. @omniwhore: Glad I could pass along the idea. Next time you have a dinner party, invite me, k? ;)

  20. @thesindoll: Thank you so much for the compliment!

  21. @eroticexploration: Thank for for the kind words! It was hot. ;)

  22. great story.


  23. You tricked J but he was there for a weekend of bdsm? The setup is about the two worlds common to those in the “lifestyle”. Eventually a co-worker gets suspicious when she discovers a mislaid sex-toy or notices some rings attached to the ceiling, etc.

    Interesting story with insight into how you arouse your partner with edging. You have a talent for descriptive narrative!

    • @Dave: “You tricked J but he was there for a weekend of bdsm?”

      I wouldn’t say I “tricked” him. Yes, of course he knew there would be play over the weekend, but he thought I had also invited him to join me for dinner with my coworkers on Friday night–as a dinner guest, not as a boy secretly tied up in the bedroom. :)

      “Eventually a co-worker gets suspicious when she discovers a mislaid sex-toy or notices some rings attached to the ceiling, etc.”

      My toys and gear are in my bedroom upstairs. I’m fortunate to have a home big enough that there’s little or no risk of a coworker wandering upstairs into my bedroom. And besides that, I wouldn’t have cared so much if coworker discovered I had a sex toy or two (I would be pissed off if a coworker went upstairs to snoop, however). I would have been embarrassed if a coworker went upstairs and found my favorite sex toy (my boy!) tied up on another level of the house. That might have been difficult to explain. :)

      “Interesting story with insight into how you arouse your partner with edging. You have a talent for descriptive narrative!”

      Thank you! :)

  24. Nicely done risk can be hot!


  25. Thanks for the link back to this in today’s post! Just as much pleasure in my second read of this!

    (Note to self of the small irony of reading about such intense beautiful dependence on independence day. :) )

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