May 292012

I turned off the lights, but left the french doors open just a few inches. I knew that from J’s position on the bed, he could see through the crack in the doors, past the loft, through the railing–he would be able to see anyone coming up the stairs. For the next hour or so, there was enough daylight coming in through the windows that anyone coming up the stairs might be able to peek into my room and see J shackled to the bed… [read more]

May 272012
fetish shop fuck shoes

Apparently, it’s much easier to get fuck shoes at a fetish shop than from a department store. Asking for “fuck shoes” at a department store isn’t a good idea.

May 242012
butt plugs and anal dilators: what's the difference?

While I’m the proud owner of an army of butt plugs, and have written the definitive encyclopaedic essay on the topic, I’ve come to realize there is so much more I have to learn. My past experience shoving things into other people’s butts was just the beginning of my entry into a hole new world of information.

If you really think about, every instance of anal penetration is a potential learning experience. I recently had once such learning experience… [read more]

May 222012

Head and neck aligned, shoulders loose and low, elbows bent 90 degrees in neutral, hands relaxed. Roll through the strides, hit a rhythm, and go numb. And then I ran through a spider’s web and lost the rhythm. Sticky motherfucker. … shoulders loose and low, elbows at 90 degrees, hands relaxed. Roll through the strides, hit the rhythm, and go numb. And then I almost stepped on a fat frog and damn near tripped. I turned around and cursed at him, then laughed at myself for stopping to curse at a lazy fat frog. … elbows at 90 degrees, hands … [read more]

May 212012
BDSM Lexicon Entry #19: Gender-Neutral Pronoun

gender-neutral pronoun, n.: a pronoun that isn’t associated with a gender.

“Do you find it ironic that you prefer gender-neutral pronouns but your name is “Guy Masculano”?”

Examples of nominative gender-neutral pronouns include: ne, e, ey, hu, hy, ot, yt, thon, ve, xe, ze, zhe, en, co, phe, per, yo, hen, shklee, and ĝi. I’d like to take this opportunity to propose my own: “uck” …as in, “go uck yourself.” … [read more]