Apr 102012

An anonymous comment left on my last post:

Anonymous: “So you went to a crowded bar on a Friday evening and were put off by a guy offering a drink? Oh Dumb Domme, please don’t tell me you’re one of those girls who “reads” by the bar :-)”

My Possible Response #1:

Of course I was “put off.” The nerve of that guy! I was so offended and disgusted that I screamed “No! I will not have sex with you! You fucking pig!” And then I called the police to report the assault.

My Possible Response #2:

I didn’t want to admit it, but my reading was just a clever ploy to get men to come up and talk to me. That’s why I went to Crazy Eddie’s Bar during wet t-shirt happy hour. After the guy asked about the smudge on my forehead, I was so turned on that I offered to blow him in the bathroom.

My Possible Response #3: (reality)

I didn’t say I went to a crowded bar. I went to a restaurant that had a bar. And it wasn’t crowded–the dinner rush hadn’t even started yet.

I did say I was reading, so yes, I’m one of “those girls” who drinks AND reads. I was reading a paper, entertaining myself just like other people around me–one person was reading a magazine, another was playing with an iPhone, and a few people were watching television.

I didn’t say I was “put off” (although I wasn’t “put on,” if there is such a thing). The reality is that I was amused by the conversation, came home, and wrote it down. Fuck. I guess that makes me one of those girls who drinks, reads, AND writes.


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  1. Well you ought to be careful, I hear reading can lead to having interesting and original thoughts. You might even find yourself forming your own opinion about important issues, even worse you might end up disagreeing with a man in conversation. /sarcasm

  2. Ah, it is awesome how many things women should not do, since we are clearly just doing these things to lead men on. Don't go out alone for a drink and read; that's clearly asking for a man to join you and you're just a tease if you say, "No, thanks." Don't go walking alone; clearly you're looking for someone to pick you up and you're just a tease if you reject an offer for a ride. Don't smile and exchange pleasant conversation when someone speaks to you in public; you're just leading him on.

    Does it work both ways? Do I have rightful claim on all the single attractive men at my local dog park because they are there, flaunting their possible compatibility at me? They wouldn't be there if they didn't want me to approach them, right? It's not like they are there for the dogs and exercise… I mean, puh-lease

  3. "I guess that makes me one of those girls who drinks, reads, AND writes."

    Me too. Especially the drinking and writing bit. Ref: My entire blog, which is one big drunken writing-fest. Particularly this bit:


    I mean, duh! *hic*


  4. @Peroxide: Or, I can hide the fact that I read. Then when I have conversations with men, I'll just keep my thoughts to myself and stand there and look pretty!

  5. @WBW: When I go out, I should just let the man order for me or impress him with my drink-ordering-skills.

    And really, you have no right to go out and claim the attractive single men at the dog park who clearly want hit on… you aren't allowed to go out by yourself, remember? :)

  6. @Ferns: That's not drunken writing, that's drunken poetry!


  7. [forehead smack] No, I am certainly not allowed to go out by myself… or joke about picking up men! An hour after I made that snarky comment, I went to the dog park… and a nice older gentleman (I'm guessing twice my age; he's been married longer than I've been alive) with whom I have passingly chatted before decided to hit on me.


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