Apr 052012

If only I wasn’t stuck here and you weren’t stuck there, I’d have you right now. I’d demand it if I could.

I can’t stop thinking about your mouth, imagining the myriad ways I could position myself on this desk so you could plunge your beautiful tongue into my cunt. I could lean back, lift my dress, and wrap my thighs around your head. I could bend over the desk so you could bury your face in my ass. I could kneel right here and fuck at your face with my pussy.

I want your mouth so fucking much. I want you to do what you do so beautifully without my self-consciousness getting in the the way and fucking it all up. Right now. I want it now. I want you here. I want to lean back, let go, and let you go, flitting your tongue over my lips, pulling and sucking and biting, teasing me, moving in to suck and lap at me, plunging deep, fucking me with your tongue. I’d give anything to come hard and watch you choke as you swallow every last drop. Goddamn I want that. Right now.

My brain is fuzzy with wanting. Your mouth–I can’t think of anything else. It’s all I want and I want it now.

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  1. Nicely described. I know what it is like to what this.

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