Apr 282012

One of the many dumb conversations I’ve had on FetLife. There was some reasonable conversation before this point, but this is how it ended.


randomDom: your not funny. 

Me: are you sure? 

randomDom: yea. your not funny. thought you should know. 

Me: I never claimed to be funny. I claimed to be dumb. 

randomDom: your not dumb or funny. 

Me: Isn’t “funny” a silly word? A funny word? A silly funny word? (See… I am dumb!) 

randomDom: your not dumb. saying that is stupid. 

Me: So I’m stupid for saying I’m dumb? 

randomDom: yea

Me: Well, I will defer to your expertise. You, sir, are both dumb and funny. 

randomDom: ok. fuckoff.

Me: Umm… you contacted me, remember? 

randomDom: yea. that was dumb.


  7 Responses to “dumb conversations, 3”

  1. Wow, that's just stunning. How do these people function?

  2. It was kinda stunning… beautiful in it's cyclical stupidity. I think I'm learning to appreciate that sort of dumb in myself and in others. :)

  3. I can't get past the fact that he keeps using "your" instead of "you're," yet he's criticizing you.

  4. @Femi: I did think of that. Also, I wasn't sure whether he was telling me to fuck off or calling me a fuckoff. I guess I'll never know…

  5. @moonbeam: "WTF??"

    You've summarized my thoughts perfectly. :)

  6. WTF??

  7. Awesome. Really.

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