Apr 082012

I made the mistake of going out after work on Friday to get a drink. I didn’t want to meet people or talk to anyone, I just wanted to sip my drink, read the paper, and relax a little before going home.

Random Guy: [pointing at my forehead] You doing the Ash Wednesday thing?

Me: [confused…] I think it’s Good Friday? Right?… and, um… no. No Ash Wednesday for me.

Random Guy: But you have the thing… the thing on your forehead.

Me: [noticing ink on my fingertips, gesturing to the newspaper in front of me].  Oh… no. That’s probably a smudge from the newsprint.

Random Guy: Oh. So you’re not religious?

Me: No. I’m not religious. I’m just dirty.

Random Guy: Awesome…. can I buy you a drink?

Me: [. . .]

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  1. Aw, don't leave us hanging! Did you let him buy you a drink? Did you go back to his place? Is he now your One Twue Luv?

    … I'm thinking maybe not.

  2. @WBW:

    "I'm thinking maybe not."

    I'm thinking you're right! But really, maybe he was my One Twue Luv and now I'll never know…

    Eh, I doubt it. :)

  3. I am religious and I don't generally get all smudgy on ash Wednesday, or good Friday for that matter.

    Is that even a thing?

  4. It's a Catholic thing.

    Every couple of years, I forget it's Ash Wednesday and accidentally tell someone their head is dirty. It's not common, but I see one or two people every year.

  5. So you went to a crowded bar on a Friday evening and were put off by a guy offering a drink?

    Oh Dumb Domme, please don't tell me you're one of those girls who "reads" by the bar :-)

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