Mar 192012

It seems I have some Qs stuck up in my queue that need response. Questions below collected via Formspring, “ask me,” email, and Fetlife.

Q: Do you post in real time?

A: Real-time? Like, do I write events as they’re happening? No. I do not, for example, tie J up, stick a plug in his ass, grab my laptop, and post the play-by-play. (although, maybe I should?)

I’m going to assume you’re asking if I post things soon after they happen. Most of the time, yes. Typically I post events within a day or two. Sometimes, though, I need a couple of days to think something through. Unless I indicate that something happened in the past, postings about events are never more than a week old.

Q: Do you go to munches or meetups in your area?

A: No. I’ve met with a few kinky people here and there, but I’ve never been to an organized event. First, I barely have time to see my current friends. Second, I have no desire to go to an event to meet with kinky people just because they’re kinky (no more than I would go to an event with liberal people just because they’re liberal).

Q: Do you have time to meet with me and consider educating me?

A: Did you notice my online handle, Dumb Domme? Do you really want Dumb Domme to educate you? Wait a second… come to think of it, I am looking to practice some new skills without permanently injuring my partner, so I might consider a practice partner. However, be warned that you might end up wearing oven mitts, hopelessly knotted to some piece of stationary furniture, with a candlestick in your ass.

Q: On the blog or on twitter you said you do your own nails. What do you use.

A: I highly recommend the gel-polish line from Gelish. The whole set up will cost you a bit ($200 for a light and between $10 and $20 for each polish), but the manicures last more than two weeks. I have to remove and repolish, not because of chips, but because the polish stays on so long it actually grows out. Plus, with the good light, each coat of polish dries in 30 seconds or less.

Q: Did you ever get another brazillian?

A: Yes.

Q: i wonder what it takes to be with a GODDESS like you?

A: I see what you did there. You’ve taken the whole D/s cApiTaliZaTioN thing to the extreme. I guess that’s a reasonable approach… err on the side of caution and capitalize the whole fucking title. For the record, I’m not a goddess, although I’ve always secretly wanted to be a superhero (does that count?).

But that doesn’t answer your question: what should you do to be with a goddess like me? Since you imagine I’m divine, I suggest you sacrifice a burnt offering at my altar. (translation: send me some top quality steaks that I can toss onto my grill.)


Want to ask me something? Go ahead, ask me something… I don’t bite, and I might even answer you seriously. Ask me.

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