Mar 282012
fapping monkey masturbation

My masturbation isn’t pretty. It’s not attractive, definitely not sexy, and I doubt it’s even interesting to watch. Ok, maybe watching me masturbate to orgasm would be interesting in the same way that watching an maladroit monkey use rudimentary tools to crack open a coconut would be interesting.… [read more]

Mar 272012
do not want

In what I want, I discussed a few non-sexual skills and abilities I’d like in my ideal partner. After a comment-convo with the always-brilliant Ferns, I want to make a few clarifications about that post. After all, next to embarrassment, my second biggest fear is being misinterpreted. “What I want” is not a list of what attracts me to a man–it’s what I want in a partner. Of course, what attracts me first is good looks, a sense of humor, and intelligence (both the ability to think and being well-read). If a man doesn’t have any of those, it’s not … [read more]

Mar 252012

Over on Submissive in Seattle, Peroxide (kinda) asked whether a dominant woman would prefer a submissive male that she must “domesticate” or a submissive male that is a “perfectly well behaved, tidy and otherwise mature.” I tried to respond a couple of times, but something got messed up with my WordPress login info and the interwebs kept eating my responses. *grumble* The gist of my intended response was this: First, I think there is huge difference between “domestication” (as civilizing a “wild” man) and “domestication” (teaching or expecting a man to do stereotypically “female” chores and tasks). Second, the seeming dichotomy … [read more]

Mar 232012
BDSM Lexicon Entry #16: Butt Plug

butt plug, n.: a sex toy designed for insertion in the anus. Typically, butt plugs have a tapered end for insertion and wide base to prevent the toy being lost in the rectum.

“After accidentally knocking it into a butt plug, I had to burn my toothbrush.”

“Don’t ever wear a butt plug during allergy season. I won’t get into the details, but once, I sneezed too hard and lost both my favorite wine glass and my dignity.”… [read more]

Mar 222012

My response to J’s response to my weekend post-mortem. Wow, this is getting confusing. Quick recap: J and I spent the weekend together. It was obvious he was disappointed because he didn’t get what he wanted. I sent him this to let him know I was so pleased that he didn’t complain, and to let him know how satisfied I was. He sent this back, and of course, I probably read too much into it. What’s below is my last response to J after thinking about what he wrote, measuring my response, and trying not to show that I  probably … [read more]