Feb 092012

At the request of a sexy librarian, here is my review of the We-Vibe 3

This review is both poorly written and totally uncompensated. For the record, I don’t accept money or samples from anyone for any reason.

In short: I love it!

Features I like:

It stays in during sex. The thinner side stays in during sex and allows enough room for him to stick it in (his cock, although I assume a dildo would work too). The slightly wider side sits on the clit, or next to the clit, or whatever. I had assumed it would come out during thrusting, but it stayed in quite well (until things got unreasonably [and delightfully] wet).

It vibrates: (duh!) It’s got a bunch of vibration settings, but I was happy with alternating between the low and higher speed constant vibe settings. The “slow build” one was good too, but some of the more complicated vibe patterns (think “dot-dot-dash, dot-dot-dash” or “dot-dot-dot, dot-dot-dot, dash, dash, dash) were annoying and only served to get unwanted songs stuck in my head and confuse his rhythm.

It has a remote control: We didn’t change the vibration setting too much, but it would have been annoying to take a time out (have him pull out, pull it out, adjust the settings, put it back, then put him back in) in the middle of sex. For that, I was happy for the remote. (If it’s called a We-Vibe, why don’t they call it a We-Mote?) As I understand it, only the We-Vibe 3 has the remote… if you get the We-Vibe 2, you’ll have to take it out to change the settings and to turn it on or off.

It’s waterproof and easily washable: The whole thing is covered in a smooth, flexible silicone(-ish) material, so it was easily washed with a mild soap and water. Even the power/settings button is encased in the same coating, so there are no seams to worry about getting wet.

Charging base/case: The base/case doubles as a charger, keeps it clean, and looks discreet.

Features I didn’t like or weren’t useful:

Slippery smooth coating: It got a little slippery at the end and didn’t stay in place as well as I would have wanted. It didn’t slip out, but I felt like it would. However, the same slippery smooth coating that makes it feel as if it might slip out is the same coating that makes it so easy to clean. He doesn’t mind taking some extra time cleaning toys (or at least, he doesn’t complain about it), so I would have preferred a slightly more textured coating, even if it meant it was a little more difficult to clean.

Heat: We went at it for 30 minutes or so, and in the last 5 minutes, the Vibe got a little too hot for my preferences. I wasn’t so hot that it hurt or that I wanted to take it out, but it was a little uncomfortable and distracting.

No g-spot stimulation: Fortunately, he’s got a cock that stimulates my g-spot just fine, so there was no need for additional stimulation (although it was advertised).

There were certainly more benefits than drawbacks and I’d absolutely recommend it. As I told him after we were done… “I give it two cums up!”

(don’t judge me… it was funny at the time)

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  2. Grrr… only just got to this!
    Thank you!
    I have great hesitation over this toy; I know my personal orgasms come from a clitoral and then a g-spot (if I wish to push it that far that day)

    What the HELL do you suggest? I am growing tired of the lack of orgasm with my partner (yes, I read your honest entry about lying to J) since at this point there has been 1 due to him but a handful thanks

    (stupid original post was all wonky)

  3. I think it's worth the risk of buying one (they're a little pricey) because if it doesn't help you to have an orgasm with penetration, it's still a neat little vibrator that I've had fun with all by myself.

    Pairing it with a dildo makes it more effective on the g-spot, and it does a good job for just clitoral stimulation alone if you're not into g-spot on a given day.

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