Feb 212012

I think I’ve mentioned that J and I are in a “driving distance” relationship. Among other things, that means that when we spend time at his place, I bring my toys and equipment with me. I don’t yet have a good system for toy transportation, so hauling my stuff involves several bags and a small cart.

Unfortunately, this past weekend, I didn’t plan well in advance, and I left J’s place with barely enough time to make it to a weekend event I had promised to attend with some friends. I was running late and wasn’t able to clean everything and put it away properly before I said goodbye to J and hit the road. I stuffed everything into my bags, crammed it all in my trunk, and left.

At some point in my travels, when my stuff was jammed into my car, my big bottle of antibacterial soap cracked and leaked all over everything. It leaked onto my leather, my restraints, onto J’s collar, onto all of my nylon webbing and rope, onto the small electronics, vibes, and any/everything else. It’s a mess–everything is dripping with sickly-sweet smelling, viscous, sticky soap. Even the canvas bags I use to haul everything are soaked.

Last night, after I started unpacking and I realized what happened, I put a towel down to protect my floor, and left it all in a heap. I was so fucking tired and I just couldn’t deal with it at the time.

It’s times like these when I wish J lived closer so that he could take care of it. Because we’re “driving distance,” the responsibility for these sorts of things falls on me. In the grand scheme, it’s a very minor issue, but still, sometimes I wish he had to deal with this kind of stuff instead of me.

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  1. Why not make this a project for J to carry out….to find you a proper carrying bag(s) that will hold all of your toys. This can include finding containers (preferably leak-proof) so these types of occurances don't happen again. Also, since he seems to have his share of your play-time together, why isn't he cleaning and storing away these implements into your bag? Why isn't he carrying and placing it, securely, in your car? Slave or not, any gentleman worth his salt should carry his lady's bags. Then if something goes wrong, somebody is going to have to pay….and it ain't going to be you!!
    Just a thought
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  2. @luv2serve25: "Why not make this a project for J to carry out….to find you a proper carrying bag(s) that will hold all of your toys"

    That's a great idea… thank you! But I'm not sure J really knows how much I really have. :)

    "any gentleman worth his salt should carry his lady's bags."

    He does, on occasion. He offers, but I'm the kind of girl who likes to carry her own bags. Plus, on this particular occasion, I was packing and stuffing things into bags as quickly as I could… if he'd have been in the way, he could have been hurt! Never get in the way of a time-conscious Domme who is running behind schedule. ;)

  3. If the leather stuff looks like it needs attention after wiping down with a damp cloth, I'd recommend getting saddle soap and a bottle of Lexol — it's a leather conditioner. Pat everything as dry as you can with a towel, and then lather up the saddle soap with a wet cloth. Use that first to get the harsher soap off, let dry, and then use a cloth that's damp with Lexol. Don't use so much that it saturates the leather; it's a surface treatment.

  4. @Lily: Thanks for the advice. I'm going to go to a car care place to get the Lexol after work today.

  5. If you live close enough for you to drive to him over the weekend, then you are also close enough for him to drive to you to deal with the mess.

    Also, you said that "You" didn't have time to clean things up while you were there. Surely this responsibility should fall on him regardless, correct? Just who's the Top around here?? ;-)

  6. "Just who's the Top around here?? ;-)"

    I'm pretty enough, Domme enough, and gosh darn it, people like me.

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