Feb 072012

Lying head down, naked, my face in the mattress, I can’t see her expression, can’t read her thoughts, but I know she’s more soft than angry by the padding of her feet, light on hardwood. More soft than angry, but more driven than distracted, as her movements are deliberate and focused tonight. She’s been quiet though, through dinner, through the drive, and the not-knowing of her mood makes me nervous. She wouldn’t look anyone but me in the eye, not looking away, not looking down, but barely acknowledging anyone else.

That’s not like her… my thought interrupted by a light slap at my ankle. Knowing this prompt well enough, I spread my legs as far as they will go. She sits or kneels between my thighs, I can’t tell, but I feel her weight is tentative, not totally settled. Soft fingertips on my lower back, skimming my ass, reminding me to relax. Stroking the backs of my thighs, then kneading, slowly, softly, she’s considering her options.

Her hands are gone and she shifts her weight and I hear the sounds of hard plastic, or metal, I’m not sure. Without warning, warm fingertips at the very top of my ass, I tense, and she is motionless until I relax again. Her fingers slide down and in one swift movement, I feel a finger on my asshole… and then it’s gone. Without feeling the slippery chill of lubricant, I wonder if she’s changed her mind.

She adjusts, her knees on the outsides of my hips, her cold feet next to my thighs. She isn’t wearing jeans… the thought interrupted by her squeezing my legs together with hers. And then I feel heat, my asshole is warm, but not unpleasantly so. Perhaps a warming lubricant? I never thought those really worked… my thought interrupted by her hips against my ass. She bumps her hips into my ass lightly, barely touching, playful, bouncing. She seems to be prompting me to do something but I don’t know what she wants. Her silence is fucking maddening sometimes.

She slides her hands under my hips and I rise up a little to meet her body. The heat is more pronounced now, but not uncomfortable. She adjusts again and rests her torso on my back, her hands on my shoulders, her head on the back of my neck, kissing, then biting gently. She grinds her hips down hard into me, my cock throbs into the mattress. Her hands tense a little at the tops of my shoulders and she uses her grip to pull herself into me. She digs her nails into my skin and her breathing gets heavier as I find it more and more difficult to get enough air.

Fuck… my cock hurts bent and pinned this way… my thought interrupted by the burn. The friction and the grinding and fuck my asshole burns. It fucking burns and I realize it wasn’t lube and it fucking burns and I turn my head and take deep breaths. She stops moving, and it still fucking burns, and I feel her lips my by ear and I expect that she’ll remind me that I’m not allowed to move without permission. But it fucking burns and I wait for her correction, feel her warm breath on my neck. She whispers in my ear, “You’re a hot little bitch. You know that? A hot… little… bitch.”

She rests her head on my neck, tightens her grip, and grinds against me harder, rhythmic, pushing my hips into the mattress and my asshole fucking burns and I realize she’s getting herself off grinding into my ass and I wonder… I wonder how long it will be until she comes…

  4 Responses to “burn”

  1. Was it Hot sauce? that's absolutely wicked.
    Lucky bastard.

  2. That was hot, D, really hot (pun intended). i usually enjoy stories from the Domme's perspective more, but that was cool for a change.


  3. @Peroxide: I like Tiger Balm… it gives a slower burn. :)

    @submichael: Thank you. I often wonder what he's thinking.

  4. Smokin hot! Havn't tried Tiger Balm, just the oils that warm when they come in contact with body fluids. I'm just wondering how long it took her to get off.

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