Jan 272012

I’ve received so many sweet notes and thoughtful messages lately… my email inbox is so cheery and bright! Heck, even the “I don’t know you, but I’d be happy to lick your boots” messages and the “you just need the guidance of a good strong Dom” messages have been generally kind-hearted. Thank you. :)

A quick update…

Things with J are okay… not as great as they were before, but okay. There was some apologizing and mutual forgiveness after the incident (perhaps I’ll explain another day) and we’re moving past it (working through it?) For the record, the short-lived “break up” had nothing to do with anything I wrote about in the Retrospective pieces–the incident was totally unrelated.

As for me, it’s been a rough week. I’ve been really sick with some sort of flu-like plague and things are getting stressful at work. On top of that, I’ve had to deal with two deaths in my family and process the “loss” of a very dear friend who lost his job.

I’ll be very happy to put this terrible week to rest and get some much needed sleep… right after I raise a glass to love and loss and all of the beautiful ugly in-betweens…

Cheers. ♥

No promises, but planned for next week… “On Punishments,” “BDSM Lexicon Entry: Ball-Busting,” “Happy Birthday,” and “I Lied.”

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  1. I'm glad you are on the way to working it out.

    And colour me impressed that you plan your posts! I just write random things randomly and at random…! Most of them sit in a file marked 'rubbish' and never get published. Planning is uber impressive!


  2. Not quite "plan." It's more like I start writing random thoughts, can't quite finish them (for lack of time or lack of clarity), think they're worth working on, and return to them later. :) Those few are just some that are close to finishing and/or on my mind at the moment.

    I believe I have over 60 "drafts" of posts I started and never finished. I have a lot of thoughts… most of them aren't worth revisiting, and certainly not worth sharing. :) I guess those are what would go in my rubbish pile.

    And thanks for the well-wishes. I'm cautiously hopeful. :)

  3. Hopefully cautious? I dunno. :)

  4. "I believe I have over 60 "drafts" of posts I started and never finished. I have a lot of thoughts… most of them aren't worth revisiting, and certainly not worth sharing."

    *laugh* Okay, now THAT I can totally relate to! My 'posting' file (aka 'rubbish') is currently 542 pages long, and most of it will go nowhere. And then there's my journal out of which I grab snippets now and then. And there's my 'e' file and then random notes on post-its and backs of bills etc… *sigh*. So many words, so little decent writing!

    Cautious and hopeful sounds okay, whichever way you put it together.


  5. I totally plan out almost all of my posts, and a lot of them sit about with just a title and a sentence or two forever.

  6. *laugh* Your method is even worse than mine! Doesn't that make it just like a homework-ey chore?

    "*sigh* Nipple torture today, when really, I wanted to write about taking it up the arse… that sucks!"


  7. D: I feel awful, because I didn't send a sweet note OR a thoughtful message. In fact, I didn't comment at all. The truth is. I simply could not, would not, accept an end to D and J. I was practicing denial, a kind of kama sutra of break-ups.

    Anyway. I'm THRILLED to hear things are better. And very sorry to hear things are tough for you right now. There seems to be a lot of that going around. Please take care and be good to yourself. Okay? You don't ALWAYS have to be strong.

  8. @DDD: No need to feel awful, because I know you're sending good vibes. :) Honestly, I feel a little guilty about the notes and messages. It almost seems dishonest to say that we broke up–it was more like I said something out of anger and wanted to take it back almost immediately. Words have consequences, of course. Consequences… I feel them.

    Thanks for the good vibes and the sweet message. :)

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