Jan 152012


I sat down this morning to write you a sweet hello email. I know you have to go in to work today (boo!), and I thought a note from me might make you smile. If you smiled, then I might be on your mind all day, and that’s where I like to be. (Actually, I prefer to be on your body, but I’ll settle for being on your mind if that’s all I can get.)

And so I was thinking of how sweet you are, how it makes me melt a little when I catch you stopping yourself from doing something you would have done otherwise. I’ve noticed that you’ve been tuned in to me lately and that makes me very happy.

And then I started thinking about how fucking hot you are, how measured and collected and intimidating you are in general, but how you bend and beg sweet and offer me beautiful incoherent ramblings when you’re being good for me, when you’re mine.

But thinking of you that way puts me in a lovely possessive hungry headspace and gets me hot and wet and wanting. So, instead of writing to you, I masturbated. I came twice–the first was a nice little warm up, but the second was deep and loud and wet in a way I didn’t expect or plan for.

So, I didn’t write anything sweet, but I did have two orgasms for you.  :)

Say thank you.

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