Jan 082012

How dare you write to me in italics! You worm!

I swear I’ll kick your serifs until they’re perfectly perpendicular to your stem and I’ll adjust your main stroke until it’s well below my mean line. If you ever write to me again, make damn sure your tittles are aligned. I think my base line is clear–I won’t tolerate overshoot.

While we’re at it, if I ever find out that you’ve adjusted your own kerning without asking my permission, there will be serious consequences. I’ll hit your num-lock hard and you’ll be useless except for your digits. Maybe then you’ll understand the full ramifications of your typeface.

One last thing, you filthy fontslut…. if you ever use Comic Sans, this whole thing is over.

Comic Sans = hard limit.

Don’t contact me again until you’ve learned your lesson.

  11 Responses to “font Domme”

  1. "tittles"… *snigger*


  2. @Ferns: You? With the italics too? Eh. Your tittles look straight. It's cool. :)

  3. It probably comes as no surprise that I, too, feel passionately about typefaces. And so I congratulate you on leading him know, on taking the upperhand, if not the uppercase, in fontly matters. I most certainly hope he gets the point.

  4. Oh I'll take the uppercase. No question mark about that. :)

  5. omg,
    are you an APA dom??

  6. I consider myself a citation switch… I play equally well in APA and MLA.

  7. HEhe, I use Comic San in personal emails. *grin*.
    Ah, so is Chicago style a soft limit then? hehe.

  8. @Jake: Chicago style is up for negotiation, but Comic Sans is unacceptable. Come to think of it, I don't think I like your leading… go fetch me the ruler…


  9. @D,
    Hehe, so footnotes are considered what? For some reason the only image I'm getting is Sloth from The Goonies, lol.
    Re: Leading, Hey now, you're the one who chose this font!
    Hehe, my only ruler is plastic, if you break it, what would I use to to draw lines? That right there is a dilemma of great proportions.

  10. Please, in the future, include a trigger warning if you’re going to talk about Comic Sans.

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