Dec 302012
the breakup rules

When a relationship is in trouble, people try to fix it by communicating more, spending more time together, identifying problems, and implementing solutions. Some people call off D/s, others renew their focus on D/s, and in general, they try to remember what make the relationship work in the first place. Sometimes relationships can’t be fixed — people grow apart, argue, and lose interest. For one reason or another, all relationships end. Don’t worry… J and I are fine.  :) While our relationship is pretty good, the inevitable break up is something I’ve thought a lot about. Like most relationships, we’ve … [read more]

Dec 282012

When we first started dating, J identified as a submissive… but he also said he had been a “reluctant switch” in the past. When I asked about his experiences topping, his responses were vague. While he indicated he was an effective top and could be pushed into being “wickedly sadistic,” he offered few details. I didn’t press him, in part because asking for information about his past puts us both in an un-winnable situation. As curious as I am, I’ve told him I don’t want him to volunteer details about his past relationships because I know myself — I’m jealous … [read more]

Dec 272012
post-party Roomba report

The day after, I typically gauge how good a party was by what I find in the Roombas. So far, I’ve collected bottle caps, candy, a guitar pick, an earring, wrapping paper, ribbon, a screw, and a felt moose. Is anyone missing a felt moose?   post-party Roomba report was last modified: December 27th, 2012 by Dumb Domme

Dec 242012
gift-wrapped hairballs and unfrozen hams

I got glitter in my eye. The cat ate most of the ribbon I intended to use on Christmas presents (I know this because it vomited-up several gift-wrapped hairballs). The lyrics to “Baby’s It’s Cold Outside” are a little rapey (“Say… what’s in this drink?”). Half the Christmas cards I receive aren’t addressed to me — they’re addressed to the family that lived here before I bought the house. Apparently, they were friends with lots of yuppie parents who felt it necessary to have their blonde-haired, blue-eyed clone-stamped children digitally re-touched. My mother sent me a frozen nine pound ham … [read more]

Dec 232012

In the course of “conversation” (as much as one can have a conversation on Twitter), I disclosed that I’ve been feeling under the weather. I had a pretty high fever for a couple of days, and all the TMI symptoms that accompany it. When I said I was hopeful I’d be well enough to see J this weekend, one of my Twitter friends responded: “well if you’re still sick by that time, I’m assuming he’ll pamper and take care of you. :)” No. This was my response: “No way! I wouldn’t risk making him sick too. If I’m sick, I’ll … [read more]