Dec 232011

I want to use him hard, use him up, see him spent and damn-near broken, and that fucking terrible clock on the nightstand keeps on throwing me red warnings that my time is almost up. I can’t slow time by pushing harder, but I sure as hell try. His only request is to make me come and I deny him that — not because I don’t want it — but because he does. And he has to go soon. He has to leave me. I want to hold him, to keep him with me, to tell him he’s a good … [read more]

Dec 212011
waking you

I fantasize about ending my day by shoving you down onto my bed, tying your arms and legs, spread wide, bound tight. The cool slickness of the rope, the dueling concentration and mindlessness required of knots I tie with uncharacteristic grace. I shut my eyes and pace through the arrangement, the adjustments, the preparation of everything just so. The the ritual of it all organizes my thoughts and quiets my head back to peaceful working order. I think of you stretched and bound, and I imagine kissing you into comfort, into submission, into the malleable shape of a man worth … [read more]

Dec 192011
dumb things I've said, 3 (now illustrated!)*

In an email to J: So, I ordered another set of plugs–I’m hoping this set works a little better. I felt ridiculous sitting there in my living room examining them all, squeezing each one to check firmness, weighing them in my hands, lining them all up in a neat little row to see the differences in size. At one point, I had a line of plugs sitting on my coffee table and one in each hand. It was then I realized I had enough to make an entire army of butt plugs. I have a butt plug army. Let me … [read more]

Dec 182011

We went to lunch on Friday. He was a perfect gentleman–he was sweet and beautiful and made good conversation. He seemed a little reserved though, slightly distant, but very polite. Maybe too polite. I spent most of the time poking at a salad and screaming in my head. When he’s sitting across from me like that, especially when I can’t touch him, all I want is to knock him the fuck over, shove my tongue into his mouth, unzip his pants just enough to get at his cock and spend a good hour fucking him into the floor. Of course, … [read more]

Dec 172011
turtle power

I didn’t need to see this. And I can’t unsee it. “Thanks” to a reader (who wishes to remain nameless) for sending this my way. He remembered my post about my first sex dream. Click here for the uncensored picture. Or don’t. You probably shouldn’t.   turtle power was last modified: September 23rd, 2013 by Dumb Domme