Dec 062011

I catch sight of myself in the mirror, my hands on your hips.

My fingers dig into your flesh, gripping hard, getting the angle I want, throwing you off balance as I bend you to conform to my shape, positioning you to meet the curve of my waist.

You push back against my hips, almost nuzzling with the expectation that I will wrap my body around yours. Instead, I tighten my thighs to support your weight… pushing into, pushing against.

Goddammit I have no time for sweetness now and no patience for your expectations. I’m wet and ready and I want nothing more than to grind my pussy against your ass, plunging my cock into you as deep as I can go, as deep as I am capable of, fucking at you, fucking against you until I come.

I feel the rhythm in my head and I fight to resist it. I steady myself with a hand at your hip to keep from crashing into you, to keep from toppling us both.

Be a man… be my boy for just one fucking night. Take my cock and accept what I am willing to offer, what I am willing you to take.


  2 Responses to “willing to offer”

  1. Ahhh hot, simple, your will as his. Mmmmmm…

  2. My will as his… is that so much to ask ;)

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