Dec 292011

He doesn’t pay me compliments as often as I like. He sometimes tells me that I’m sexy, but it sounds hollow and feels empty. He rarely tells me that I’m beautiful, and when he does, it’s generic–the kind of thing that could apply to any girl. Sometimes it hurts my feelings, as I’d like to think I’m not just any girl. At times, I suspect he doesn’t really see me. Sure, he sees some in-his-head construction of dominance, femininity, and assorted characteristics he finds attractive, but sometimes I wonder if he really sees me.

But then, on rare occasions, there are moments when I feel like he does–moments when he seems to look at me, consider me, and I believe he might really see me.

Last night, I had just stepped out of the shower and had a towel wrapped around me. My hair was still dripping and clung to my face. It was fucking freezing in the house and I walked from the shower to the bedroom to check the thermostat.

I had to stand on my tiptoes to see the controls in the low light. In the too-cool air, when I reached up to adjust the A/C, I felt the edge of the towel rise and skim the bottom of my ass. Without thinking, I smoothed the towel down and tried to cover myself with my hand.

I tapped the buttons on the thermostat but the A/C didn’t shut off and I stretched up and fiddled with the thing for a few moments. J sat on bed behind me, silent. I was actually a little annoyed that he didn’t get up to help me figure it out.

And then it came out of nowhere, “God… You’re really beautiful.”

“What?” I half laughed to the wall, my back still to him, poking at the controls.

“I said you’re really beautiful.”

I turned to look at him and read sincerity on his face, accompanied an unblinking stare and the dumbest goofy smile. In that moment, at that time, in that place, he really found me beautiful. He meant it and I believed him.

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  1. I've been with my partner for nearly ten years and don't think I've ever heard those words like that from him. So, mind if I covet this post? :-)

  2. I like it best when you expose your soft emotional underbelly. I've said it before and I'd say it again, except you've instructed me not to. But you know what I think about your feelings toward J. And I think he's got them right back at you. Now if you could both just get over yourselves and let each other know it. Of course I'm a hopeless romantic…

  3. Wow, that was sweet. Sometimes you really wonder how they see you and if they see who you really are.

  4. @Week Bi Week: "mind if I covet this post?"

    Covet away! I wouldn't covet too much, though, I looked like a drowned rat when I received the compliment. :)

    @DDD: "soft emotional underbelly."

    See, I thought it was more like a weak stomach. :)

    "Of course I'm a hopeless romantic"

    I am not, but I don't think I've ever been. Maybe I'm just hopeless? :) Yep, that's probably it.

    @TerryAnne: "Sometimes you really wonder how they see you"

    I do wonder. I guess he gave me a little insight there, but I'd like to spend the day in his head to see what he really thinks.

  5. Are the photos on your blog really you? If so, your man really needs to get his eyes checked.

    For a submissive man, what could be more beautiful then the form of the woman who owns him? Regardless of her "objective beauty", a true slave looks at his domme with a unique set of eyes.

    If he is as truly devoted to her as he should be, then no other woman in the world should come close to her beauty, and it should be automatic that he remind her of this, every day of his life.

  6. @Anon: Yes! The photos on here are really me.

    And I don't care whether your eyes are perfect, near-sighted, or far-sighted. :) I appreciate your very kind words… they're good to hear now and then.

    And I agree that subs (and people in general, submissives, dominants, and otherwise) should find their partners the most beautiful people on earth and try to tell them daily. :)

    So sweet… :)

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